Here are some pictures of various craft projects.  Enjoy!

Here is Gma
blinged up Red Hat Society hat for her bday month.


Here are the table decorations for my first Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family 2010.

                                  These are some plaques that I helped my niece Amy with to give as gifts for Christmas.  She put her son, Weston, my great nephew's, picture of him in a cowboy hat in the open space.  I love how they turned out.  I have plans to make more of these for various family members.  :)

These countdown to Christmas blocks I made as gifts for all my friends and family.  They were loved by all.  My friend Ann had a get together at her house with a bunch of us crafty friends and showed us how.  We had a great time.


 I made bags using .svg cut files from
I also made money card holders using various patterns I found online.  The Poinsettia flower was a .svg file from Penny Duncan Creations.

Here is a picture that Kayla and I made using various .svg files we found online.  She painted a canvas and applied all the paper piecing with glue.  We had a great time creating this piece of art for her bathroom wall.  She called type of art, but at this moment I can't recall what it was.  LOL!

I made this for my cousin as a wedding gift.

I made this for her first born (oops it was a boy)

This was for a friends baby.

This I made for my Aunt's baby (oops another boy)  This was
totally hand quilted.  First and last time I did that.  :)
Stay tuned~there is sure more to come......
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