Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pillowcase dress, Take 2...

Hello Crafty Friends!

The other day I shared a pillowcase dress from Melissa Mortenson at We All Sew.  You can check out blog posts HERE and HERE.  While the size I first made was the 0-3 month size, as you can see in previous blog post, it is a little big for her right now.  So I cut down the measurements to 17"x11"  for the body and 17"x5" for the hem piece.  She is 2 months now and this fit her a bit better.  I still think it could be a little bigger than this, although it does make a cute top size (we are going to pair it with leggings).  I think for the next one I will make something in between.  This is a really quick little dress to make.  Probably only took an hour on this one.

Here she is, my little model...

She has become quite mobile and wiggly these days and this was the only shot in focus.  haha!

Here is a little sneak peak of the next color combo I have in mind...

Stay tuned!
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Living room decor...My Style

Hello Crafty Friends!

As most of you know we built a manufactured home up in the country on my husbands family property almost 2 years ago.  It has been a wonderful time for me because I finally (after 30+ years) got to do all the decorating the way I wanted.  

When you walk in the front door you automatically are drawn to the wall of windows that show the beautiful view of Blue Mountain that is our backyard.  I wanted to decorate with this in mind and bring the outdoors in.  I love nature and nature's colors so I had a few ways to go in regards to color choices.  I chose to go with tans, browns, teals, blue gray, amber and creams.  I also added and I love dark bronze metals, cherry wood (not the burgundy red cherry color), and java stained wood.  

Made these picture shelves
to fit this particular size and space.

I chose my couch specifically in a off white tone so that I could change the color accent pieces when ever I chose.  This couch is my very favorite piece!  It is extra wide and deep and filled with foam and down feathers.  So Comfy!!  Great to curl up on and read, look out the window, watch TV and sit in from of the fake fire place.  It does heat the whole room plus some, which was great on the snowy and rainy cold weather we finally got this year.  

Hubby got to pick out one chair and I have to live with ginormous speakers and ugly subwoofer!!  (I absolutely HATE these things!!)  He also took the covers off of them because that makes them look cooler!? UGH!  Oh well, pick my battle right?!  LOL!  Of course his friends think that is soooo cooool...whatever!  ;)  I do like the chair though.  

Hubby did a great job picking out this

Can totally do without these speakers (the 80's called and want them back!)
But I love my second hand store lamp finds
with the new shade I got for them.  

Really cute crochet blanket in the basket I am working
on for the couch though.  Maybe I should use it to
cover this ugly sub woofer...hmmmm???

The fabric on the accent chair gave me an earthy feel.  It reminds me of raindrops and fall leaves.  My sister in law was shopping with us and fell in love with the rug which was a spontaneous purchase after we had picked everything else out and it looks wonderful.  

I found the pillow at a retail store and I have always loved this saying,
LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE and it was the right teal color.

 (That's my wine bar behind the chair, LOVE IT!!!) 

We live in middle of the Mother Lode Wine country!  So this will be filled up in no time.  Literally I can go 30 minutes in any direction and hit a winery.  I custom made the shelves and added the wine glass rack.  Still need some idea on what to put to the right on the floor????

Since the dining area is part of the GREAT room I refurbished this garage sale find table and transformed it into a farmhouse table.  Complete with out initials and a heart engraved into the corner. My favorite piece and biggest accomplishment here so far. You can read more about it HERE. Labor of love!!  I love metal art and these were a great find.  

I am not a fan of captain's chairs, so I purchased 2 fabric covered chairs
that went well with the living room furniture and re-upholstered and chalk painted
the other four.  

I have done a lot of refurbishing of some of our old furniture for this house but still need items like coffee table (if I can fit one in there).  When the kids all come home everyone plops on the floor so not sure if I want one.  I really like the cut log look natural style.  

Definitely need end tables with storage and would like a long bench for under the window.  Some bigger paintings for the walls.  This house has lot's of big walls.  Someday I would like a really nice built in looking entertainment center (then I can move the fireplace to our master bedroom).  I have loads of movie memorabilia and Disney snow globe collection I would love to display.  

Love these rustic style pieces I found at  Especially the brown wood entertainment center...WOW!!  <3

Check out these pieces at!

We've had our eye on these end tables I found at

Well I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our great room decor and style.  

Until next time...


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Friday, July 15, 2016

Crochet Turban for baby and update on Pillowcase dress...

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today was spent with my little miss granddaughter and I wanted to share with you one of the many
turban headbands I made for her before her arrival.  I had quite a few days of waiting for her to get here so I busied my hands crocheting head bands and hats for her.  LOL!

I found this pattern on Mamachee crochet patterns.  It is a free pattern and you can find it HERE!  It was very easy to use and I just loved making it.  Go check it out!  It's a little big but she will have plenty of time to grow into it...I hope!  It goes by so fast!!  :)

Here she is wearing the pillowcase dress I showcased the other day HERE!  It is definitely to big for her right now but she will grow into it before the end of fall I'm sure. I'll try to find her a cute little white cardigan to wear with it.  I will cut down the other one a few inches all the way around.  It is a very easy rectangular pattern so shouldn't be hard to adapt a little bit smaller.  :)  She wasn't her usual smiley self this time of the day...she saved up some pretty wonderful smiled for her Pop Pop tonight at dinner though!  I just can't get enough of her!!  :)  (It's a grandma thing I hear!  LOL)

Well until next time,
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pillow Case Dress

Hello Crafty Friends!

Hope you all are well.  It's been a while I know.  This grandma business is the BEST!!

I found this pattern on Pinterest from Melissa Mortenson at We All Sew and couldn't resist trying it out.  It was super easy and super fun picking out the fabrics.  Here is the first one (trying it out for size before I make the next one).  I'm sure it is going to be to big, but since we have summer weather thru October she just might fit into it while it is still hot.  This is the 3-6 month size.  You can see the size chart and easy to follow instructions on the We All Sew link above.

Couldn't resist adding a little pic from our 1 month photo shoot.  She is just to fun!

Until next time friends,

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