Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CD Holders...

Hello friends...

Today I am sharing the CD holders I made for my besties "50th" birthday pictures from our wine tasting trip. I edited all the pics and downloaded them onto a CD for her and all the girls that came on the trip.  We still are talking about what a GREAT time we had.

Here is the one I made special for her:

I used the .svg file from Penny Duncan Creations under envelopes and then PDC CD Case.  :)

Using the same envelope I made these for all the girls.  Another nice after the party favor if you will.  Or can be a nice little Thank You gift.

A nice little keepsake of our wonderful day together.  What a GREAT group of friends.

I hope you like.  :)

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Weekend

Hello friends!

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I just want to wish you ALL a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember all those who have gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.  I will be thinking of my Popo, Uncle and Pops.  3 wonderful men that we have lost in the last 15 years. They served our country proudly during WWII and Viet Nam and I have always been very proud of them.

Be safe and hugs to all,

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Card Holder...

Hello everyone!

I have a fun project, that I was asked to do by a friend that is getting married in September,  the other day, and it was a challenge for me.  I had never seen or  heard of one of these before, but what a GREAT idea.  :)

A wedding card holder for the gift table that looks like a cake.  :)  AWESOME idea!

Since I don't have the means to make a video tutorial, I thought I would just do a step by step with pics.  (You might have to use your imagination for some of it.)  hehe

Here it is in a nutshell.

Step: 1
I purchased 2 (3 pack) paper mache 
rectangle boxes in 2 sizes and then
I alternated them by every other one to make a set.
( I am sure this is confusing {It is to me} LOL.  But when you see the
staggered sizes you can see the contrast in size.)
And i used regular wedding wrapping paper in ivory.  You could use any 
print.  Or make it for any occasion.  Possibilities are 
endless. (Yes, I know how you crafter's think!  LOL)

Step 2:
I wrapped the lid to the biggest box.  This is going to be
the base at the bottom.

Here is the backsside.

Step 3:
I wrapped a piece of thin cardboard to make the bottom
liner inside the lid.

Step 4:

I double sided taped the liner to the inside
of the lid. (Which is the base.)

Step 5:
I took the middle box and centered it onto the bigger
box and drew a line around.  With a straight edge box cutter
I cut inside the line about a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.

Step 6:
I cut a slit in the side of the medium size box at about
5/8 inch x 6 inches (card slot)

Step 7:
Wrapped the large box folding excess in and taping on the inside. And insert
this into the lid (base)  Do not glue or secure this
in the base as you will need to open later
to get out the cards.  :)

Step 8:
Wrapped middle box like you would a present just be sure to 
fold into the bottom edges and tape on the inside.
(Sorry I forgot to take pics of this

Step 9:
Since one of the main colors of the wedding is black I 
cut out a rectangle of black paper using my SCAL2 with the 
measurements of 1 1/2 x 7 inches on the outside
and 5/8 x 6 inches on the inside.  Merged them and then 
cut. Then I ran through the Xyron and 
adhered to the front of the card slot opening.

Step 10:
Glued the middle to the bottom.

 Step 11:
Wrapped the small box and glued to the top.  

Step 12:
Added ribbon around the bases of each layer.  I attached them
to the front side so that they could be covered with flowers etc.
And then tied it all together with a larger ribbon to hold the bottom lid securely
to the top.  (This is so you can easily get into it when
you are ready to open those cards.)  

Here it is plain without decoration.  The bride is going to pick
out the flowers of her choice and adhere or may even have the
florist add extra flowers from the wedding to it.  :)
You can do pretty much anything you want.  

I added some roses just to see what it would
look like.  I thought a swag through the bottom layer.
(I didn't want to permanently put anything on as she is going
to do different flowers.)
I could even envision putting a monogram in the center of the bottom box. Or textured
paper etc etc etc.  

You could do a round or a square shape as well.  The round shape was a little daunting to me so I stuck with the rectangle.  I do know how to wrap a present.  haha

Well I hope you enjoyed my not so professional tutorial.  haha

And thank you Nicole for giving me this wonderful challenge.


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Playing with paper dolls: Link-up party!

The Paper Dolls are having a link up party.  Go check them out.  :)


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

OK, I promise...no more surprises

Hello friends!

Well I managed to keep another secret surprise from my bestie.  She really isn't going to trust me anymore.  But it is sooo worth it.  She is the most kind hearted person.  And she deserves all this special treatment.  :)  <3 you Leenie!

We surprised her with a Limo that took us to the Amador Wine country.  You might remember a few posts back that we went on a spontaneous wine trip.  Coincidentally, I had just booked this trip with all our friends the day before and then she called the very next day and wanted to go. Heather and I were dying inside because it was so funny that this happened.  So she is really going to kill me now.  hahahhaaha

Happy 50th Leenie.

We went to Sobon Family Wines

Deaver Vineyards (No relation, darn it)  haha  
Not pictured: Kristy (she was busy buying out their champagne
stash)  LOL  They had the BEST California Champagne.
Highly recommend.  My fav: Almond.
Can't wait until BUNCO Wed. where we get to have some

And lastly: Story Winery
We are holding these fabulous
flip flop wine glass coasters we got from
Deaver Winery. 

          Awwww, come on!  How cute are 
                           these?  LOL!
          Leenie got them for us as party favors
                 from the Deaver Vineyards.  

OK, so you know this wouldn't be a crafty blog if I didn't share what I made.  :)  Here are the party favors I made for everyone.  They are micro fleece footie socks rolled into rossette's and tucked into a scalloped cupcake holder made with a .svg cut file from Images from Heather M  scaled down to W: 9.889 H: 3.377 inches.

                                                 Really comfy for after a day walking in heels.  :)

And of course the birthday card.

I'm gonna go ahead and enter
this into the challenge over at
Catch the Bug Challenge

I love Stella!  You can find her over at Bugaboo Digi Stamps.  Notice the little ladybug.  I always try to work one into a Leenie card.  :)  

Yeah, she loved it.  My biggest fan.
Oh ya, that is Tony our limo driver.  He was so
much fun.  :)


We had a fabulous time.  If you are ever in the Amador wine country in No. CA you really must stop by and try them out.  Yummy!

Today I am recuperating.  (Gee, I wonder why)  LOL  Keeping secrets from your bestie is STRESSFUL business.  haha

(Today is actually her real birthday)

Have a GREAT day, everyone!

PS - Oh I almost forgot the party didn't end there...

We went to The Brickhouse for more cocktails and met up with more friends and hubby's.  :)

Me and Rocky <3

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Taylor Promotion (second post) and my prize

Hello friends...

While we didn't get to attend Taylors promotion from 6th grade today, we did get to go to an after school lunch with the family.  She really loved her handmade cards from me and grandma.  She loved how I made mine to look like her (minus the glasses)  I'll need to find an .svg for that.  :)  And she really loved her little mini cuttlebug like mine.

My sister hasn't sent me the promotion pictures from today yet, but as soon as I get them I will share a few.

Here are the pics from lunch today when she opened her gifts, sorry for the poor quality, I only had my Iphone (3g)  I need to upgrade at some point.  hehe

Today I also received my gifty from Terri over at Create Scrapbooks (this is the blog) and here is a link to the facebook page Create Scrapbooks fb page go over and pay her and Jana a visit and "Like" their page.  Thanks again Terri!
Purple and green are my fav colors.  I can't wait to play with this paper.
I love the butterflies and have some great stamps and digis
that will go perfect with these.  :)
Have a GREAT night!

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6th Grade Promotion...

Hello everyone!

Today was my niece Taylor's 6th grade promotion.  I can't believe she will be going to middle school this fall.  Seems like yesterday she was starting Kindergarten.  :)

My mom came over the other day to play in the craft room and we made grad cards for Taylor.  We used the .svg grad freebies from SVGCuts.com.  They are so cute and so fun to play with.  My mom used just the hat and I made a top fold card.  I am not very good and describing how to make it, but rest assured Leo and Mary have some great tutorials on their blog to show you how to do various things with their .svgs.  :)

Here is the card my mom made
for her.  

Here is the card I made for her. 

Here is the little giftie I am giving her.  She is my little
protege and loves to craft with me.  I found this cute
little mini Cuttlebug and these little die letters.
I think she will love them.  :)  


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Bling Give Away...

Hello friends.

Just wanted to let you know that Julie K over at A Little Bit of Bling is having a give away.  She will be giving away this Camping Critters Cricut Cart.

Go on over and check it out.  You too could have a chance to win.  :)  Thanks Julie for the opportunity to win this.  


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I made a Facebook page...

Hello my friends...

I would love if you would come on over and "Like" my Facebook Page.

Thanks and Big Hugs!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy day to me...

Hi friends!

Just wanted to share my haul for Monday.  I finally got a bigger Xyron (WalMart $20) Yay!  They have had one there for months that wasn't selling because people had jacked it all up.  But today when went they had a brand new one.  So I snagged it.  hehe

But what I am most excited about is this Sizzix button die.  I love buttons and never seem to have one to match most of my projects.  So I am happy that I can make buttons to match whatever paper I am using.  SCORE!!!  hehe

I also used my 60% off coupon from Joann's (you know the scratcher that we got in the mail but couldn't use until today, or yesterday???) on the blue Momento marker set.  Now I just have to get the red set and I will have them all.  (I think)  I have the other sets.  Can't wait to play with those.  Think I'll get my The Stamps of LIfe stamps out and play.  :)

Time to play, see ya!

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My Peonies...

Hello friends...

I thought I would show you some pics of my little Peony bush.  I planted this about 15+ years ago.  I usually miss it in bloom entirely because we are usually camping this time of the year.  Because of all this crazy weather we haven't been able to camp so I was home to see it bloom.  Of course today we had a huge hail storm come through and pretty much demolished everything, but I took these a few days ago while it was nice.

This became my favorite flower when I discovered that I couldn't kill it.  LOL  Plus I love their scent.  :)  There are some more buds coming out on it so hopefully I will get more than just these 3 flowers.

Isn't that the prettiest color?  I am not a pink fan, but I love this color.  :)

Hope you are having a GREAT Monday!

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