Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy, busy...

Hello Crafty Friends!

It's early early morning here 4am early...on a Saturday!

Realized yesterday that I hadn't posted in about a week...What?!

So I'm popping in to say "Hi!". :)

It's a busy cleaning house for next weekends big party (more on that later), my niece and son running a 10K and nephews trials bike event.

So I will be out and about rain or shine and will share events and projects throughout the week...time permitting. :)

Just for fun, here is my attempt at Meatloaf cupcakes, they were delicious. I saw the meatloaf muffins and adapted them into cupcakes. Haha. Huge success at my house. My son wants these for his birthday in June. LOL!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weston's 2nd Birthday Card...

Hellloooo My Crafty Friends!

This past weekend was my Great Nephew's 2nd Birthday.  He loves tools and Cars (Lightening McQueen).
When I saw this (click on "this" to see the original card) card on Pinterest, I knew I had to come up with a version of my own, as I knew it would be perfect for him. He is always fixing something around the house and he wants the "real" tools, not the plastic ones.  Following his daddy's foot steps.  :)  Thanks Lori from Organize Chaos for the inspiration...everyone loved it.  :)  Check out her blog, some really great projects over there.  :)

Lori got her inspiration  from Ruelysicreativecards Blog, but I was unable to use her .cut files so had to improvise a bit since I use SCAL2.  Took quite a bit of work but I was able to trace the screwdriver, wrench and measuring tape from the jpeg and used the tracing feature in SCAL2.  I found the hammer here at Cricut Cards.  The tool belt and pockets I made out of regular old cutting rectangles and rounding the corners.  I used my circle Spellbinders for the half round cuts with my Cuttlebug.  :)  For the pencil I used a strip of yellow and cropped the end with a rippled heart punch to give it that shaved look.  I also used a real pencil to color the tip.  Gave it that realistic look.  :)

I want to say a very special Thank you to Lori of Organized Chaos, Ruth of ruelysicreativecards and Cricut cards for inspiring this wonderful project.  It was the longest card project I have ever done.  (Did I mention I thought my son had lost all the tools files after 4 hours of working on them? UGH!  Luckily he saved them before he closed the program...Whew!)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I was inspired...

Helloooo My Crafty Friends!

As you all know, I am totally addicted inspired by crafty projects pinned on Pinterest.  And if you didn't, you do now...LOL!  I saw this card and had to create one of my own.  I thought it was sooo beautiful. Great job Vince and thanks for the inspiration. :)

Here is my version:

Wait until the next blog post...another card inspired from one I found on Pinterest!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday Card...

Helloooo My Crafty Friends!

Wow has this week been ever so busy, you know, the good kind of busy.  :)  In the craft room.  LOL!

Today I will share one of the cards I made for my Bestie to give her boss.  This ended up being a really fun day.  We can make a party out of anything.  :)

This day started out with pretty much nothing planned when my bestie called her daughter in law and me into action at 7am.  She needed a card and cupcakes, STAT! (Well, by the next day anyway.)  hehe  Of course we would do anything for her.  And while her DIL had a few orders of cakes and cupcakes to get done before the weekend, we ordered a few pizzas and headed on over to help her with her baking and decorating needs.  :)  Since one of the orders was for one of our VERY good friends's son, I will share the cupcakes that we helped her with.  


Super cute, right?!  The Birthday boy loved them.
                                                   (Sorry for the bad quality photos...I only had my Iphone with me.) 

Kristine (besties DIL) also made Red Velvet cupcakes with beautiful rossette cream cheese icing.  Somehow neither of us took pics.  They were delicious!  My family loves when there are extras and we get to taste test.  hehe!

Here is the card that I made for her boss...

Using my Cupcake Die Set (finally), I cut out decorative paper to make this yummy cupcake.  I just love this die set from The {Stamps} of Life.  I also used the HappyBday2You stamps set that goes perfectly with the die set.  Happy Birthday stamp is from numbers4cake.

Here is a closer look.  The balloons I hand cut.

I used pop dots for the icing and red balloon for dimension.  

Well I am off to a surprise "50th" Birthday party for my neighbor.  He doesn't have a clue...this should be fun!  LOL!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Catching up...been very busy!

Helloooo My Crafty Friends!

Wow, have I been slacking on my blog or what?!  Never fear...I have been working a lot on projects that have been keeping me extremely busy...Thank my family and friends...especially my BFF.  :)  Most of the projects have been duplicates of projects I already created so no need to post more pics of the same thing.  :) But I do have 2 cards to share, I just can't share until next week.  :)  Patience...LOL!

Plus, I have had a very busy household, lot's going on around here.  My older daughter has been back home for her company, working at another location near here so she is commuting from our house.  So that has been a blast.  It is her and her sisters bday month so we have been celebrating early.  :)

My great nephews 2nd bday is this weekend and I made these really cute invitations for his party.  Cars theme of course :)

I am working on a really cute card for him...hopefully that will be done tonight and I can share with you later.  :)

We also did some demolition in our backyard (getting ready for my middle daughters 21st bday and my hubbys 50th bday {In July})  Lot's to do there.  Luckily the weather has been wonderful (knock on wood) but we have a lot more to do.

I forgot to take a before pic.  This was my reading garden.
It had a pergola that held a swing.  A fence and archway.
Box hedges and dead plants all around.
We are planning to move the shed in this
location and make it bigger.
Here is most of the stuff we tore down, minus
all the dead plants and hedges.
The tree in this pic is going
to go also.  I am getting to old
to climb up on the roof to clean the gutter mess
this tree makes.  hehe
(Hubby has vertigo and can't do it
That is going to be a BIG project, but we will get it done a little at a time.  :)

I also have to create a 50th bday card today (or tomorrow).  hehe

See...Very Busy!  LOL  I love it.

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