Monday, October 10, 2016

Granddaughter's Halloween Art...

Hello Crafty Friends!

We had our granddaughter up for a visit for a week and just had to do some fun crafty project for her mom and dad.  I had to wait for my husband to have a day off work because this was a 4 handed project.  LOL!  Wish we had another person around to take behind the scenes pics as it was quite comical trying to direct my husband on how and which way to hold the baby while I painted the body parts.  She is quite the wiggler and very ticklish.  A memory we will never forget.

This pumpkin is of her painted butt!  This was the funnest one to make.

Her hands as a bat and feet as candy corn.  In retro spect I should
have done her feet upside down.  Oh well...oops!  hehe!
Going to try to get a Halloween photo shoot in pretty soon.  Need to get out my props...I'm a little afraid of getting into that closet!  Eeeek!  LOL!

Until next time...Happy Crafting!!!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Crochet baby sweater...

Hello Crafty Friends!

The other day I shared a post about the sweater I crocheted my beautiful granddaughter.  Here she is wearing it.

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Getting back into beading...

Hello Crafty Friends!

Last week I finally went through and cleaned out and organized almost all of my bead stash.  Gave me the bug to start working on a few projects.  It has been quite a few years, but I quickly got back into the groove of it.  Here are a few items I made this week.

Hope you enjoy!

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Baby gown into dress and crochet baby sweater

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today I thought I would share what I did to a really cute baby gown that my granddaughter never wore.  She didn't like the gowns.

Found this gown at Hobby Lobby when we were
in the baby shower planning stages.  Mermaids was
the theme and color scheme was Coral and Aqua.  

After my granddaughter was born, we realized she really didn't love the
gown idea.  So a few months went by and I thought,
"Why not make a little dress out of it?!"
It was made a of a thick tshirt type fabric so I
just trimmed off the bottom and stretched it out (no hemming...YAY!)
It turned into a really nice ruffle effect which was perfect.
I realized I had about a 5" piece of fabric left with the elastic
bottom and thought..."Make a headband!!"
I trimmed off the elastic bottom and rolled it and ran a seam up the opposite
side to math the original seam and VOILA!  Headband!!
With the left over couple inches of strips I made the flower.

I found this free pattern and made this cute little sweater too.
It's finally getting to be fall chilly weather so this will be perfect.  :)

My Little Miss model.  We added a pair of white capri leggings.
I love how this turned out!

 Until next time...

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