Monday, October 31, 2011


Hollooooooooo my crafty friends!

OK, let's wrap up the Halloween craftiness, shall we?  :)  hehe

Here are the rest of the Halloween projects I have for you (I've got to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas now)  LOL!

Let's see what is left, hmmmm.....

BOO Letters!

I used letters that were already made that I picked up at Joann's.  They are the paper mache type.  I traced the paper letters by using the paper mache letters as a template.  First I painted all the letters black with craft paint.  I Modge Podged the paper letters in place.  (I made the letters reversible for more color choices) Then with my Momento Tuxedo Black ink I sponged it all over the edges.  And lastly I Modge Podged all over (doing sections at a time and letting dry in between).  From here you can embellish as desired.  I used some stickers I had and decorated just the one side.  :)

By using coordinating paper on both sides I can acheive
different looks.  :)

Embellish if you like.

The piece de resistance.....

The Cauldron!!!!!

I have been wanting to make this since I saw it on blog.  I had a little bit of a hard time putting together, but after the first one (throw away) hehe, The second one came out perfect.  Be sure to follow Mary's tutorial EXCACTLY as she does it and you shouldn't have any problems (can you see where I went wrong with the first one).  LOL!  

Using the Party On Elm Street SVG Kit from and following the directions EXACTLY the way Mary shows you in the tutorial, hehe, I embossed my outside pieces with a spiderweb embossing folder from Cuttlebug.  Highlighted with sponging some silver ink.  Added a few dots of Stickles on the inside edge to resemble rivets and tied it up with a ribbon.  (Oh, I also sponged the white edges with black around the top, the black paper had a white based center, grrrr.)  :)

Make sure to use wax paper as a liner for protect
the paper and you then you can reuse.  :)

OK, I think that wraps up Halloween.  Now off to do Thanksgiving and Christmas projects!  

I hope you have a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hellloooooo my crafty ghoulies.....

Yeah, I made that word up (ghoulies) hehe.  Here are the coffins I made to hold snacks/candies in for when I hosted Bunco at my house this week.  :)  I really loved how these turned out and they were super easy to make with the Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit by

Instead of making the moon top, I ran the background base through my cuttlebug using embossing folders (sorry I don't know what it is called, I borrowed from my friend Ann, it is from cuttlebug), it wasn't long enough so I had to do just a little bit at the end.  Then I sponged them on top with a silvery metallic ink.  I also sponged Momento Tuxedo Black ink around all edges.  (I used the paper pack you can get at Walmart for $5, but the inside is white so you have to sponge the edges black)  It did give it that extra little something.  :)

Oh yeah, I did stamp in silver a bat from the stamp set
from The {Stamps} of Life

Be sure to line with wax paper before you put in your
snacks, that way you can use them again and again.  :)

These were a hit.  Somehow I only ended up with one at the end of the game???   LOL!  JK!  Of course I shared with my friends.  :)

OK, stay tuned, there is more....muah ha ha!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spiders are everywhere! Eeeeeeek!

Hhhhaaaaalllllloooooowwwwwww again!

Ready for some more Halloween stuff???  I knew it!  Here ya go ~

You can find the directions and .svg file over at under
Party on Elm Street

These were very easy to make (just a little time consuming waiting for the paint to dry)  I recommend hot glue, works way faster.  I did use real pumpkins, but you could use fake ones if you can find them.  They had them at Walmart, but were all sold out before I could get them.  The paint does peel if you pull the legs, so be gentle.  I wonder if the paint would stick to the surface of a fake one???  Hmmmmm.....

A few of these found their way home with a couple of friends.  :)

I hope you enjoyed!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hosting Bunco...


I have actually been going a little bit nuts with my Halloween projects.  LOL!  Imagine that!  I was the Bunco hostess this week and I really don't have that many Halloween decorations so thank goodness for paper and .svg files!  Oooooooooo.....

I made 2 huge batches of beef stew and rolls for our dinner.  Something warm for the first really cold night we have had so far this year.  :)  Fall is definitely in the air today.  Brrrrr....time to break out my sweaters!  (I <3 my sweaters)  hehe

Here are a few pics to share (since I have so many pics, I am going to break it down into a few separate posts)

The room :)

The Bunco score sheets using the Bloody font and
stamps from The {Stamps} of Life web4us
Picks using the
Dreadful Halloween Cupcake Wrappers

Vanilla pudding cups colored to look
like Candy Corn

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time to get down to business...

Hellloooo Crafty Friends!

OK, enough of this lollygagging and time to get to work.  LOL!  Honestly, I have been very busy this past week, but now it is time to get down to business.  Well, the blogging business anyways!  haha

Since I last blogged, my hubby and I went to my besties sons wedding in the beautiful Monterey, CA area.  My hubby surprised me and took me a day early to just hang out and relax before all the festivities.  And boy were there festivities!  LOL!  I think I am still recuperating.

I was in charge of the wedding rehearsal and ceremony set up and I have to say, even with a few hiccups, everything went BEAUTIFULLY!  (Whoever heard of a wedding day that went completely smooth?)  haha

The day was GORGEOUS (which I was a little nervous because the 2 days before were marine layered and cold).  But the sun came out just for us at the rehearsal and stayed out through the rest of the weekend.  Did I mention GORGEOUS!?  :)

Unfortunately, my daughters camera that I was going to borrow wasn't functioning at the time I was leaving, so I didn't have a camera (BOO!)  Luckily, thanks to all the people who came and facebook, I was able to steal borrow a few ;).

Rehearsal, very serious stuff :)
Kristines Uncle officiated the ceremony.
He was wonderful!  <3 him!
My beautiful BESTIE (Delene) and her very
HANDSOME son Ryan (The Groom)
The best man is Delenes son Curt.
The reason we met and became besties (and sisters
from another mother) hehe
Curt and my oldest Kayla were Kindergarten
buddies. :)
Sealing the DEAL! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Lopez
The beautiful wedding party.
Ryan and Kristine have the best of
family and friends.

Mother and son dance.

Rocky and Me
My honey ROCKS!  

The beautiful sunset over the bay.

Needless to say, the party didn't stop and I was on that dance floor all night!  WOO  HOO!!!!  :)

Congratulations to Ryan and Kristine!  I love you with all my heart.  You have beautiful, wonderful families and friends and thank you so much for letting us be a huge part of your big day!

Congratulations to Delene and Gary, It's a Girl!  LOL!  You are so lucky to have such a beautiful young lady in your family.  She is the perfect fit!  <3

Congratulations to Barb and Ed.  Ryan is a very lucky man to have found your beautiful daughter and that she has 2 wonderful parents.  Thanks again for everything!

OK, now to get on to the getting back to blogging business (hehe) Halloween projects are coming up so stay tuned!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Craftroom cleaned...check!

Hello my crafty friends!

Just thought I would share some before and after pics of my crap craft room.  LOL  I can't believe I let it get so messy.  Ugh!  Well that is what happens when you get "lifeinteruptus" (it's latin, hehe)

I used to have it set up with different station areas, sewing, beading and paper crafting.  I have come to realize that I am mostly paper crafting so I put the others in the closet for now and will pull it out the other items when needed.  Now I have better access to all my paper crafting tools and supplies.

As you can see, I am still waiting to be able to afford my IKEA dream work tables and cabinets, but it is what I have for now so I will make do.

I guess I should give fair warning that it is still not completely done - ribbon and paper areas still need to be organized.  (That just might be a rainy day project) ;)  Oh yeah, and ignore the ugly carpet stains!  My son and his friend usually play Wii in there and spilled soda all over, gross!


See how it all migrated downstairs?  LOL

It even creeped into the hallway!?

OMGoodness, what happened in here????
I did warn you! :)

OK, this is MUCH better.  Still have a little more organizing
to do, but I need to get these projects finished.
OK, get back to crafting.  I am coming over to see what you all have been up to.  Bwa ha ha!

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Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello my crafty friends!

Just wanted to pop in to say hello and how are ya?!  :)

I have been super busy this last week and weekend helping to get ready for the BIG DAY!  My besties oldest son is getting married to the most wonderful girl in the world next week and we were working on some of the final touches.  Like, going to the wineries to pick up wine and champagne for the rehearsal dinner.  ;)  And getting those last minute gifties, jewelry to wear with our dresses etc etc...

And a little dessert for myself.  Yummy!

I am the wedding coordinator for the ceremony and I am super excited.  It is going to be sooo beautiful. I can't wait. Definitely will have pics to share when I get back.  3 day getaway destination wedding.  Woo Hoo! (NO KIDS!)  :)

Finally got my hubby to update his fancy going out clothes. LOL  He hasn't had a new suit since 1994?!  Hilarious!  OMGoodness, the shoes were killing me!  hahaha  (Thank goodness for Kohl's coupons and sales.) Whew!  I have had my dresses since oh I don't know....months ago!  haha

Since I don't have any new projects to share (yet), here are some over the year I made for this wedding...

Bridal shower invites

Gift box for the bridal shower gift I gave the bride.
Her gift was 2 lockets on each end of a silver chain with pics of her late father, 2 grandmothers,
and the Grooms late grandmother.  She commissioned this from
me to have the florist wrap into her bouquet.
I can't believe I didn't have a pic of this.  I will
get one at the wedding.   

The bridal shower card I made her.
Here flowers are Peonies.
My favorite flower.  :)
This is the card box they will have at
the reception for everyone to put their cards

The flower for her hair.

Additional wedding invites and response cards.
So I probably won't have much to post this week, although I will be working on projects, I just won't have time to blog.  :(

I have BUNCO at my house for the week of Halloween and I have so many items I want to make for that.  :)  Oooooooo, scary.  LOL So that is what I will be working on this week.  

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