Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finnish Star Ornaments...

Hello Crafty Friends...

I found this beautiful star over on Pinterest.com and had to make an ornament out of it.  I am sure that is what it's intentions are, not sure what else I would use it for.  :)  I found the original directions that were used here, and used the measurements from this blog here.  The directions were a bit confusing so I did them a little differently so the looked more like the ones in the one where I got the measurements.

I made one in the 1/2 inch by 6" size strips and then one in the 1/4 by 3" size.  Then I layered them on top of each other attached with a brad (all the way through the smaller one and only on the top layer of the large one).  I used an eyelet at one of the top corners to add my ribbon for extra strength.

I highly recommend using the Scotch brand quick dry glue, as this made it go fast and double sided card stock.  Oh yeah, a great tip...I used my Martha Stewart score board to help me align my strips so they were evenly spaced ( I turned it upside down).  I was going to make a tutorial but I only have 2 hands, LOL, and my daughter is in her last few weeks of college and studying for exams, so she hasn't been available to help me take pics while I hold the pieces together.  :(  If you have any questions, please email me and I will try my best to help you.  :)    Anyways, here they are...

Just an FYI...make sure your double sided paper
doesn't have one of those sku strips on one side, haha.
Luckily I was able to hide the sku with a snowflake eyelet. Not
so much the white part.  LOL!
I hope you like...time to make some more.  TTFN!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Snow family Cards...

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today's card is made with a digi I first saw on a card by Donna over at Popsicle Toes.  She is a Design Team member at Dilly Beans Designers & Friday Challenges Blog.  Her card is FABULOUS, you should go check it out.  :)

It was one of those - squirrel - moments for me when I saw it this morning and knew I had to stop what I was doing and pick up the free digi and make a few cards.  hehe.  Yes, that is how I roll.  LOL!  So I am going to enter one of these, not sure which one (probably have to eany, meany, miny, mo, spelling?) it to decide.

So gone on over to Dilly Beans and get your free digi and enter.  :)

Isn't it such a CUTE digi!  I <3 snowmen.  And this has the right amount of snowmen from my family.  One for each of us.  :)

What are you waiting for...get over there and get yours..times a wasting!  LOL!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Christmas tree (part 1)...

Hello Crafty Friends!

What a fabulous weekend I have had.  It has been a fun filled weekend of family, local events and Christmas tree hunting.

We haven't had a "Real" Christmas tree in about 10 years.  So this year since our oldest doesn't live here anymore, her sister and I decided we wanted to do our traditional Thanksgiving weekend Christmas tree cutting venture that we used to do when they were little, but had to stop as my oldest daughter (as we came to find out) was allergic to evergreen trees and her eyes would puff up and be irritated the whole Christmas season.  She hated the eye drops she had to use, so we opted for a "Fake" tree all these years.

It was a beautiful day and we had a BLAST!!!

Here are a few pics of our day, I hopefully will have more once it is decorated (so far we just have the lights and the star on it).

Brady, Chelsea and Rocky
Chelsea and Brady looking for the perfect tree
Sorry Chelsea, it is too little, maybe next year
We had an Angry Bird in our tree :)
When Brady was little, he always wanted to cut down
the tree.  He wasn't leaving until he did.  LOL!
Funny how he didn't even want to go, but once there
he was having a blast.  Kids!  LOL

Wow!  A 10 foot tree.  This is the biggest one
we have ever had.  :)
The traditional S'more and Hot Cider around the fire pit.
Chelsea didn't forget.  :)

So hopefully I will have the house all decorated and the tree as well tomorrow.  :)  We did get the lights on outside.  Progress!  LOL!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Enjoying the weekend...

Hello My Crafty Friends!

I hope today finds you well rested and STUFFED!  hehe.  I am going to take the next few days off and just veg with my family.  My oldest is only here until today.  (We are going to try to get a little local shopping done, here in our little town, before she heads to her home this afternoon.)

Today will be a little lazy day (I just might work on some more Christmas cards at some point, hopefully) and then tomorrow, more festivities will begin.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our little town.  :)  We have the annual Dicken's Fair during the day, the light parade, and Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony that night.

Sunday I am hoping, (I have been working really hard at convincing hubby) that we can go cut a Christmas tree like we used to way back when the kids were little.  :)  Our oldest was allergic to evergreen trees (as they pollinate in winter) so we got a faux tree all these years.  Now that she lives down south, we can have a real tree.  (I think she has grown out of the allergy now anyways.)  So fingers crossed, I hope we will.  :)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and I'll see ya again on Monday!

Oh yeah, and don't forget...

Don't panic Karen, hehe! :)

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Crafty Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying your families and/or friends today.  I have my whole family together this Thanksgiving and I am so excited about that.  :)  Family picture time!

I have so much to be thankful for this year even though it has definitely been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  I will remain strong for my family and we will get through those downs.  :)

Here is a card I made (the only one) for Thanksgiving this year.

Since we will be out of town for Thanksgiving, I didn't make any projects for the holiday this year.  :(  There were some items I wanted to make, but just skipped to Christmas instead.  :)

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Day!  Enjoy your loved ones.  I know I will.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

32 Days.....

Until Christmas!?  What!!!!  OK, I didn't have  a Christmas project/card to share today so I thought I would just send out a reminder to you.  You are welcome.    LOL!!!

Now Get to work, we only have
32 days left!!!!
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Happy Birthday Scotia...Bingo!

Hello Crafty Friends!

Here is a card I made for our dear friend Scotia.  :)

On the inside it says
"a happy birthday"

I used a variety of stamps from The {Stamps} of Life.  :) 

Sco wanted to go play Bingo for her birthday, so of course, we did.  Had a BLAST!  

Happy Birthday Scotia!  We LOVE you!!!!  

I have the GREATEST friends!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here is today's Christmas card

Hi Crafty Friends!

This is a super fast card as I didn't have much time today.  I thought, why not look like a present?  So here is what I did ~
I thought this paper looked like wrapping paper
so I just cut to fit, inked the edges added ribbon
and a bow.  

My sentiment for inside the card is from
The {Stamps} of Life

This cute little label came from
Meljen's Designs
Christmas Tag
I cut out and inked the edges with Momento Tuxedo Black and
colored with Copics.

Until next time...

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Cards Cont'd...

Hello Crafty Peeps!

I ventured into the world of digi stamps for these cards.  Well, most of them as you will soon find out.  You know sometimes your best laid plans can go awry as they did here.  Total lack of concentration on my part.  I wish I could say I was interrupted during the creating of these cards but I wasn't...just wasn't paying attention.   We could almost make a game out of this and you can tell me what is different about each one. LOL!

Here is the first one-the prototype if you will of
how I was going to make all of them.
I got this little cutie Bundled Little Snowboy from
Meljens Designs
I decided I really loved the coloring but not the plain circle
scalloped background or the little dash stitchy looking
lines. Hmmm???

So I decided to emboss the scalloped background circle with swirls and use dots around the edge.  Just what I was
looking for.  :)
And then...
I start to color the next one and realized I colored the mitten the wrong
color...grrrrr!  So I scrapped that one.
And then...
Went on to this one and had the wrong Copic color in my hand.
Der!...So I just went with it and reversed the color scheme from
the previous one.

So what to do with the other papers that I precut for this group...
Pulled out a rubber stamp I already had in my stash and
went with a whole new look.  :)
Nothing goes to waste!  

Now it is back to the craft room to work on some more.  I am on a roll!  :)

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Now I can share...

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today I can finally share the wedding card I made for my Bestie's son and his beautiful wife. :)  I really love how this turned out and have been dying to share it, but had to wait until they got it. LOL!  Since she posted it on Facebook the other night (I think they loved it too!)  hehe, so I now know they did.  Yay!  So hear it is:

Is this just the cutest digi stamp ever?
Kissy Kissy from
The Greeting Farm

A close up of the little details.  :) A little tulle,
a little flower and a little glitter here and there.

I love layering the sentiment with a little background
stamp.  I will have to do this more often.
I hope you enjoyed this little intermission...now back to the regularly scheduled program...Christmas Cards! haha!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something fun to share...

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today I have something fun to share that I didn't make.  :)  Our dear friend that works with my hubby created these with her empty baby formula containers.  She says she isn't very crafty (I beg to differ!) and I thought they were just wonderful and she said I could share with my crafty friends.  She made them for gifts for her coworkers, neighbors and teachers.  You could use them for all sorts of Christmas gifts.

This is what I saw when I walked into the office.
Cute right?

Here is one she made with a canister type formula
container.  The Poinsetta is a pen.  It is a
pen/pencil holder for one of her coworkers desk.
Stinkin' CUTE!!!

The snowman head  you can use for a
pen/pencil holder too.

You can still open the lid to put some
Christmas goodies inside.

She used sparkly felt.  Love it!

Here is mine I got to keep.  :)
You can even use them to wrap a gift.  So many uses.

Thanks Heather for letting me share your craftiness.  :)

Until next time Crafty Friends...

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