My Craft Room

When we first bought our house in 1995, we had 2 little girls and didn't think we were going to have any more kids.

Our house is a 2 story, which we thought, well the girls are 4 and 7 and we won't have to worry about babies and stairs, so why not.  It had 4 bedrooms (yay, I will finally have a craft room), a formal living/dining room (mine) on one side of the house and a huge family/theater room on the other and a 3 car garage (Rocky's side) hehe.  We were on a court with a huge backyard.  We love our home and neighborhood.

We moved in and I immediately had a landscaper here to get a yard in for the girls, and I painted and built furniture, unpacked etc, and I planned my beautiful craft room.  I bought new sewing desk, new sewing machine, fancy comfy chair.  I was in heaven.

During all of this craziness about 4 weeks, I had a horrible sinus infection that I just couldn't seem to get rid of.  I thought maybe I was just having some kind of reaction to all the new material in our house.  (I had these same exact symptoms when we bought our first house 15 years before.)  So I didn't think anything of it.  Went to the doctor got antibiotics (previously was taking Nyquil which wasn't helping.) 

Meanwhile, I am crafting, making baby quilts for all the new little ones coming this year (my first great-neice and a friend), making silk flower arrangements and bouquets for 2 friends weddings, just muddling through, toughing it out.  Did I mention I am so in love with my craft room?

Cut to 6 weeks into living in our house and now I am having flu like symptoms, can't stand smells, everything is grossing me out (mind you, it takes a lot to gross me out).  And my husband says to me (on a Friday the 13th, I might add) do I think I am pregnant?  "NO WAY", I say.  And well as I am sure you can guess, "YES WAY", I was.  LOL!

So as you can imagine I gave up the craft room for my son, because the girls in no way were going to share a bedroom after finally having their own.  :)  I did my various crafting downstairs in the unused formal living/dining room.

Last year, my daughters, both adults now moved out and then I had 2 rooms all to myself.  hehe  So, in September I decided it was time to make myself a new craft room.  I took the biggest of the 2 rooms for myself and am using the smaller room for extra storage and a guest room (which is still a work in progress).  But it has a bed and linens so when my daughter comes up to visit she has a place to sleep.  :)

And now I am happily crafting my little heart out.  :)  Here are some before and after pics.  I have a lot more stuff in their since Christmas so I will need to get some more updated pics.

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