Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi My Crafty Friends!

Did you miss me?!  LOL!  Well I missed you!  I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer.  Ours is winding down a bit.

We have been super busy considering we have had lot's of pitfalls (physically) along the way.  You know how that "LIFE" happens.  We made the BEST of it though.

I have been suffering with the whiplash that I got in early May, so that put a damper on a lot of projects, but I still got them done and I still went on our trips even though I didn't get to do anything.  Lot's of doctor appointments and physical therapy.  Bleh!

Our son turned 16 in June!  He fractured his wrist on our second day of vacation at Sand Mountain.  Total freak incident.  Made a hard landing and off to Emergency we went.  He gets his cast off this week.  Put a damper on his getting his driver's license though, which he was bummed about and he didn't get to ride all summer. Maybe dad will squeeze a little trip in before school starts.  ;)

Here he is heading out.

Luckily our friend let us borrow his side by side, so he
had something to drive.  Which our dogs loved!


My hubby turned "50!!"  So we had another GREAT party!  LOL!  (I will share about that in my next posting.)  hehe

I have some projects to share as well.  ;)


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