Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little guitar...

Hello Crafty Friends!

My nephew turned 18 in June!!!  Where has the time gone???

I made him this little guitar card from an idea I saw on Pinterest.  (I know, imagine that??)  I can't help myself.  LOL!  If you click on the link "idea" you can get more information.  :)  I went to that site then on to Google images and then and then....  There are lot's of ideas out there.  Here is what I came up with.  I found the template here.  I changed it up a little bit for the look I was going for and the size.  :)

That's our dog Bear and Brady's (my son) guitar in
the backdrop.  Bear loves when Brady plays.  :)
My nephew and son started playing guitar in 7th (Brady) 8th (Jared) grade.  We had a wonderful young man named Josh who was a great guitarist and guitar teacher who was still in high school himself at the time. Needless to say both my nephew and son are still avid guitarists in their own rights and owe it all to Josh.  I could listen to them play all day.

Happy 18th Jared!!!

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