Friday, April 25, 2014

More baby showers and catching up...

Hello Crafty Friends!!!

Going to play catch up today.  It's raining (so pulling weeds is totally out of the question, right?!)  LOL! Thought I would update the old blog.  Lot's to share, so as usual I will break it down throughout the next few days!  I'm pretty sure all of these events have passed so I can share them now.  :)

My friend Nicole always has wonderful crafty projects for me (I'm her go to gal) ;)  She gives me color selections and a theme and I get to be creative with it.  So much fun!!!!  I love this color scheme for a gender neutral baby shower.  Here was my take on clouds and raindrops.

Here are the invites I created

Sorry for the dark lighting.  Need to get the camera fixed.

Here is a shot of it hung up at the shower.
(photo courtesy of Baelee Michelle Photography)

(photo courtesy of Baelee Michelle Photography)

Pin the sperm on the egg (in the uterus) game!!
(photo courtesy of Baelee Michelle Photography)
I hear this game was quite the hit!! LOL!
A huge Thank You to Baelee Michelle Photography for letting me use the pics from the shower to share with you all.  Check out her blog at Print {Pockets} & Pumps she has some more wonderful baby shower ideas. I especially love the baby reveal part.  GREAT IDEA!!!

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