Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sure Cuts A Lot

My hubby is getting me the Sure Cuts A Lot software (for a early Christmas gift).  One of many...he has no idea the list I have this year.  LOL  If you own a Cricut you should check this out on Youtube.  I have literally been on it all day (except for when we went to see Red and out to lunch)  hehe  I have been doing a lot of research and need to upgrade my Cricut version to one that is compatible with the software program.  So my crafty friends, check out this program...literally you won't have to buy anymore of the expensive cartridges (or you can) to use.  There are soooo  many fonts and artwork you can download for free, purchase or whatever strikes your fancy. 

I believe I will have to start a support group for this, as with all my other hobbies.  :)

I have a bunch of gift card holder ideas for Halloween.  I will work on them tonight and post pics tomorrow (hopefully)  :)  Since my whole card ideas weren't panning out. 

Hugs to you!
Me (Terri)
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