Friday, July 25, 2014

Re-purpose old patio chairs...

Hello Crafty Friends!

My daughter has been looking for some patio chairs, but she didn't want just any old patio chair, she wanted some with an old school vintage like look.  My mother in law has had these chairs outside on the side of her house for as long as I can remember (30+ years) and years ago I had asked her about them.  We never sat in them as I can recall and she said she didn't have any plans to use them, so I snagged them.

They are rusted through and through so I wasn't able to do too much to them, the metal tubing was literally flaking off in my hands if I pressed too hard and the bolts were so rusted on there that I was afraid of making a total mess of it.  They are sturdy enough to sit on though and the arms just have a few rusty holes in them so I just scrubbed them up and put on a few coats of paint. (Shabby chic right?!) They probably won't get much use anyways, more of an decorator item for her cute little patio.  :)

When my husband was young he had welded some braces on one of the chairs as they were showing some metal fatigue way back when.  So they had sentimental value for him.  :)  

So there you go Chels...a up cycled family heir loom.  :)  Enjoy!!

Now off to find a cute table.  :)

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