Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time to get down to business...

Hellloooo Crafty Friends!

OK, enough of this lollygagging and time to get to work.  LOL!  Honestly, I have been very busy this past week, but now it is time to get down to business.  Well, the blogging business anyways!  haha

Since I last blogged, my hubby and I went to my besties sons wedding in the beautiful Monterey, CA area.  My hubby surprised me and took me a day early to just hang out and relax before all the festivities.  And boy were there festivities!  LOL!  I think I am still recuperating.

I was in charge of the wedding rehearsal and ceremony set up and I have to say, even with a few hiccups, everything went BEAUTIFULLY!  (Whoever heard of a wedding day that went completely smooth?)  haha

The day was GORGEOUS (which I was a little nervous because the 2 days before were marine layered and cold).  But the sun came out just for us at the rehearsal and stayed out through the rest of the weekend.  Did I mention GORGEOUS!?  :)

Unfortunately, my daughters camera that I was going to borrow wasn't functioning at the time I was leaving, so I didn't have a camera (BOO!)  Luckily, thanks to all the people who came and facebook, I was able to steal borrow a few ;).

Rehearsal, very serious stuff :)
Kristines Uncle officiated the ceremony.
He was wonderful!  <3 him!
My beautiful BESTIE (Delene) and her very
HANDSOME son Ryan (The Groom)
The best man is Delenes son Curt.
The reason we met and became besties (and sisters
from another mother) hehe
Curt and my oldest Kayla were Kindergarten
buddies. :)
Sealing the DEAL! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Lopez
The beautiful wedding party.
Ryan and Kristine have the best of
family and friends.

Mother and son dance.

Rocky and Me
My honey ROCKS!  

The beautiful sunset over the bay.

Needless to say, the party didn't stop and I was on that dance floor all night!  WOO  HOO!!!!  :)

Congratulations to Ryan and Kristine!  I love you with all my heart.  You have beautiful, wonderful families and friends and thank you so much for letting us be a huge part of your big day!

Congratulations to Delene and Gary, It's a Girl!  LOL!  You are so lucky to have such a beautiful young lady in your family.  She is the perfect fit!  <3

Congratulations to Barb and Ed.  Ryan is a very lucky man to have found your beautiful daughter and that she has 2 wonderful parents.  Thanks again for everything!

OK, now to get on to the getting back to blogging business (hehe) Halloween projects are coming up so stay tuned!

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