Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CA Wednesday...


Today was a CA Wednesday!  Yay!  I really look forward to this day every week.  Crafting with my gals.  :)
Melissa got out of here without me getting any pic of her projects, so I just have Ann's and mine.  And well, if you saw my first post, you already know what I made ;).  But I also got started on my BOO letters (which are not done yet, so I will post pics of them tomorrow).  Super cute.

Melissa brought over a idea to share which was making gift bags out of envelopes.  Super fast and easy for when you are in a hurry and need a gift bag.  :)  (Which happens to me all the time.)  Here is a Heroarts link to a Youtube video I found that is what she showed us.  :)  Here is my attempt:

Yep, this is just an envelope with a little
bit of watermark stamped on it. :)

Here are Ann's cards...(WWAD?  LOL)

Using different color embossing

These are 3" note cards.  

This card was inspired by:
kwernerdesign blog
Super Cute!

And here again is my box for the Halloween Box Challenge from my previous post here:

Once again we had a wonderful time.  Lot's of laughter and singing (you rock it girls)  LOL!  

Until next Wednesday (at Ann's house!)

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