Monday, February 27, 2012

Follow me with Bloglovin, please....

Helloooo Crafty Friends!

I am a little behind the times apparently.  I sort of remember getting an email about the Google Friends Connect shutting down, but didn't think it pertained to me.  (Not sure if it does or not???)  I really don't understand all the technical mumbo jumbo and frankly, don't want to.  :)  I just want to make sure that all my followers are able to receive my blog posts or new followers are able to follow me.  I am sure I need to do something with Google+ as well, but so far haven't completely figured that one out either???  Why can't anything be easy???

Anyhow, I did notice that some blogs have added the Bloglovin feature for non-blogger sites so I thought, better to be safe than sorry for my followers who don't have blogger.  If you are one of the non-blogger followers, I have added a Bloglovin link to the left in my side bar above the GFC link, so please be sure to follow me over there so you can still see what I am up to in my CRAZY CRAFTY LIFE!  :)  I know you don't want to miss a thing!  LOL!  Apparently this goes into effect March 1, so I hope you get this before then.  You can still always follow me on facebook.  That link is on the left side bar as well.

I hit the 100 followers mark over at facebook this weekend, which I am thrilled about.  I plan to do something, but will have to see how the budget is next week.  (You know how that goes...)

I guess I will know after March 1 how many followers I will have lost from this change by Google.  This really saddens me.  I will miss you my friends that aren't able to make the changeover, I hope that you are able to follow me at Bloglovin or facebook.

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  1. Hi Terri know exactaly how you feel. I know if I take the time I can figure it all out but I just don't want to everything was working so nicely....

    1. I just finished going through my reader list and most of the blogs I follow about 90% are Blogger so I probably won't lose those in my reader but 10% of the blogs are other blogs and only about 2% of those are on Bloglovin, so I might lose about 8% of the ones I follow. So sad. :( I love to follow blogs and see others creativity. I just went through about 400 blogs this morning. I'm ready for a nap. LOL!


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