Thursday, September 20, 2012

A most wonderful surprise...

Hello Crafty Friends!

I just had to share with you this lovely quilt that one of my dearest friends and EGHS Drill Team parent (GO HERD!) made for me.  Mind you I haven't coached since 2008, but I love that we all have kept in touch all these years.

Several months ago she posted on facebook that the 5 first people to comment on her post she would make something for.  Being the smart A that I am I did.  (I never in a million years thought she would take me seriously.)  And I totally forgot about it.  LOL!   So a few weeks ago she posted on her fb page, that she had a present for me and the other 4 that commented on her post.  I immediately responded because I was curious to know what she did.  She is a very crafty person like me.  :)

Well here is what she did!!!!  I am still overjoyed and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

She recreated all the our T-shirts over the years and included our Disneyland trip group photo.  (Wow, that waterfall isn't there anymore.)

What GREAT memories I have from my times as the coach of these lovely ladies.  I can't even tell you how old they make me feel right now.  LOL!  I am still in touch with most all of them.  :)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TAMA for this beautiful quilt.  I will cherish it always!

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  1. WOWZA!!! I wish I was talented enough to make one of those! How awesome of her to do that for you! :0
    Cheryl First
    aka Cafexpressions


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