Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkins and Ghosts...

Hellooooo Crafty Friends....

What a wonderful crafty Saturday we had here on Saturday.  Kristine and I have been talking about making these ever since we saw them on Pinterest (yes Pinterest again)  LOL!

Thankfully the nice young man at Home Depot cut up all the wood for me in the sizes I needed, so we got real nice flat cuts.  All we had to do was sand.  Now you don't have to sand them perfectly smooth because you want it to have a natural look and the dry brush painting technique works and looks better.  :)


Base Coat

Layering up colors with dry brushing technique

Used scissors to cut Balsa Wood into sign shapes

All painted up and ready to embellish

A limb from one of my Crepe Myrtle trees

Cut out vinyl face shapes

 And Voila!

Kristines finished ghosts
My Pumpkins
Kristines Pumpkins

Stay tuned for Chelsea's Skeleton Bones...

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  1. Oh, those are so neat! Great job! I love that HD will cut pieces for you- such a time-saver, not to mention not having to clean up the tools and sawdust, afterward! :0)

    Cheryl First
    aka Cafexpressions


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