Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reorganizing the craft room...

Hello Crafty Friends!

Once again I re-organized the craft room.  I spend a lot of time in my craft room and was just time to move some things around that made more sense to how I utilize this space.  Also getting rid of crap things that I thought I would use some day just seem to be sitting there collecting dust.  So I came to the realization if I haven't used it in over 2 years, then it is time to go.  :)  Plus it makes room for "more crap", I mean crafty stuff.  LOL!

Yikes! should have seen the crap stuff flowing out of the
closet.  Eek!

New ribbon organization.  Let's see how long
this lasts...hehe!

Next purchase is a nice long book shelf system from
Ikea and a flat screen tv for this wall.

 I'm not kidding,
there was so much stuff
flowing out of this closet I 
could never get into it.  

Now it is nice and organized.  
For now...

This side got spruced up and dusted, but pretty
much stayed the same.  

Oh and most importantly, I got all my 
The {Stamps} of Life
stamp sets organized
in there binders.  
I am so excited for the chilly weather to be here.  I am getting so much cleaned up around here.  Next is my sons room...turning it into a movie/gaming room where he and all his friends can hang out.  After our middle daughter moved out a few months ago he has been sleeping in there.  A much comfier bed.  Boys!!

Until next time!

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  1. Nice, nice, nice! I am in the middle of the house in what should be the formal living room, and I really wish I had a closet to hide....I mean store.... stuff in! :0)
    Cooler weather is always the best for crafting! Bring it on, I say! lol! Have fun in your "new" space!
    Cheryl First
    aka Cafexpressions

    1. Thank you Cheryl. The formal living room and dining room is where I was stationed for many years. :) Yes, please bring on the cooler weather. It is supposed to be 80 today. What?! LOL! Happy Crafting!

  2. Love your room. I need to find time to organize my craft room closet. I have been sharing duties caring for my mom and between work and staying with her, I have not had time to do that. Love seeing and getting ideas from others on how they organize their supplies. Love your CD tower...would like something like that to put my stamps that are stored in CD cases.


  3. Wow!! Very nice space!!! Mine needs a redo too, just sure when I'll have time...ahhh New's Year's resolution in the making!! lol Have a great rest of your weekend!!

  4. Great job on the cleanup. Your room is so bright ! Love it and I love the Stamps of Life too!


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