Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looky what I did ------------>>>>>>>>

Yep, I finally figured out how to add these little social media icons to my blog.  I wanted to clean up my side bars a bit.  I would really love a custom made blog tailored just for me, baby steps.  ;)

Thanks go to Carrie over at CarrieLoves where I found the wonderful icons.  You can pick the colors.  Love Love Love!  Not exactly the same exact purple I was looking for, but really darn close.  Maybe I'll just change the purple colors in my blog to match the icons.  LOL!

Also want to thank Karen from Sew Many Ways for the wonderful and super easy tutorial on how to link up all the social icons.  I kid you not, this was taking me forever to figure out.  Grrr?  : /

Well, I got another wrinkle in my brain anyways.  I still have more ideas to update my bloggy blog.

I should have some crafty projects up really soon.  Just touching up a few items and then they will be ready for pics.

Until then, have a GREAT day and follow me on my other social media.  Love to see ya there.

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