Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pillow Case Dress

Hello Crafty Friends!

Hope you all are well.  It's been a while I know.  This grandma business is the BEST!!

I found this pattern on Pinterest from Melissa Mortenson at We All Sew and couldn't resist trying it out.  It was super easy and super fun picking out the fabrics.  Here is the first one (trying it out for size before I make the next one).  I'm sure it is going to be to big, but since we have summer weather thru October she just might fit into it while it is still hot.  This is the 3-6 month size.  You can see the size chart and easy to follow instructions on the We All Sew link above.

Couldn't resist adding a little pic from our 1 month photo shoot.  She is just to fun!

Until next time friends,

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