Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun things and Purple Hats

Today was like an early Christmas.  I went to pick up some vinyl, from my friend Ann, and she had some wonderful surprises for me. She did some craft room cleaning and found some items she was no longer using and thought I would.  She was right.  So instead of decorating for Christmas like I planned, I played with the new things she gave me.  :)

I did get one thing done, and that was the Purple Hat for  "Grandma Applemun".  She is my brother in laws mom and grandmother to my nieces and nephew.  It is her birthday month in December and I guess in the Red Hat Society you are queen for that month.  She wanted to add some bling to her Purple Hat for this special occasion, so I blinged it up for her with some Red and Clear Swarovski hotfix crystals.  It doesn't show it as well in the pics, but it is quite sparkly.  She asked for it not to be gaudy, just fancy.  I hope she likes it.

 :) Terri
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  1. Very blingy! Hey, Ter I was going to give you a little blogging tip. Take it or ignore it, either way. I noticed in the Google reader that your RSS feed is set to "truncated" which means that people who subscribe can't read the whole thing. You will get more readers if it's set to full. I hope that helps. Having fun blogging?

  2. Ooh, sorry. Forgot to say that's in your settings for your blog. Okay, seeya later.

  3. Oh, thank you so much. Still trying to get the hang of this. LOL! Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to comment onThank You for Commenting on my Take Out Tuesday Holiday Gift Card Holder SVG Download blog post on www.dtsartblog.com I hope you will join us again soon. You have quite a nice blog yourself.
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  5. Thank you DtsArt. I am having so much fun crafting. :) I will be sure to refer to you when I post the pics of the gift card holders I plan to make with your .svg.


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