Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cleaning and Organizing

So, I thought today I would clean out some of the boxes of craft items that I just put in the closet after getting the new craft room together.  So much old stuff in there, garbage really, but some really cool surprises too!  :)  I am a craft supply horder.  hehe 

I have a some crochet pattern books, wrappers from skeins of yarn and crochet magazines if any of you are interested in them.  I hate to throw things like that away in case someone would like them.  They can be quite inspirational for projects.  Some were duplicates pattern books.  Some are really old and are just kind of fun to look through.  I will keep adding things to this pile as I go through the rest of the boxes and binders of other crafts.  If any of you are interested in going through it, leave me a comment and we can get them to you somehow.  :)

Tomorrow when I get my laptop back from my son, who has been hogging it all day playing his video games I will post some pics of a few things I worked on today. 

Have a good night!
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