Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did you miss me?...

Hi everyone!

Well, did you miss me?  haha  It's been crazy busy since my last post between my daughters hospital stay, multiple doctor visits etc. and the long awaited camping trip my boys have been waiting for.  :)

We usually camp through out the year, but mother nature said "NO!"  "I shall rain and storm my little heart out every time you have time off!" LOL!  The boys tried a few weeks ago and got sent home by the rangers due to  flash flooding.  Someone's RV got stuck there on the other side of the creek and couldn't get out.  Scary!

I have been working on some projects but am not able to post as of yet.  I will have some Mother's Day cards soon, though.  (Well I won't post them until after Mother's Day) don't want to spoil the surprise.  :)

In other news, my daughters ITP has been in a Yo-Yo faze.  Counts go up and then come down a little.  So we have been to the hematologist office numerous times.  They went down this week, so he is going to check again in a week.  She looks great though.  All the bruises are almost gone.  :)  So that is good news.  Since it took her a year to heal when she was 3, I am sure this will take some time as well.

Since I don't have any projects to share (yet)...I thought I would show you some pics from our camping trip.


Big Hugs,

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  1. Looks like fun was had by all!!
    Glad your daughter is looking better, hope her counts come up and stay up!!!

  2. So glad you got to finally have that camping trip.. And that your daughter is getting better.
    Have a wonderful day, and yes I missed you..

  3. What a fun looking trip! Hope your daughter's count goes up & stays up.

  4. Yes, we missed you! LOL Glad you had a good trip/fun pics and I hope your daughter continues to improve. :) BTW, did ya get your special little somthing ion the mail?


  5. Yes I did Donya. I thought I emailed you. Sorry. THANK YOU!!!! I actually used it yesterday and got my Momento Markers collection started. :) Yay!


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