Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Besties 50th Birthday Party Surprise!

Hi friends,

Well it has been a busy week.  My besties husband put us, Kristine (her future daughter in law), Kristyn (her youngest son's girlfriend, and her bestie's Heather (neighbor bestie) and Melody (work bestie) and me (Kindergarten bestie - her youngest and my oldest were in Kindergarten together and that is when we met, hehe)  in charge of putting together her surprise "50th Birthday" party.  :) He wanted it to be a total surprise for her so he didn't want to know so he couldn't mess it up. LOL!  This was so fun and hard at the same time.  We all love her so much and couldn't wait to get this thing going.  We have been planning since New Years.  :)  She never had a clue.  We got together for planning meetings etc all without her ever figuring out that we spoke to each other several times a week for months.  hehe  It is so hard to pull one over on her, so it was great that we did it and she never figured it out.  I can now relax.  :)  Ommmmm.  haha

She was happy to know that her chute
was pink her favorite color. :)
(They don't know until it opens, what???)
Her husband took her to jump out of a plane.  Something that she has always wanted to do, but never did.  She LOVED it!  The video was awesome.  And we all got to watch on DVD when they got home.  She kept calling and texting and facebooking trying to get someone to come out and see her, but we were all busy with some sort of excuse or other which made her sad, but when she got home and found out we were all there for her surprise party we were forgiven.  :)

Here are the pics of the invitations and Senior diaper cake I made her and of the wonderful friends that helped pull this all off.  Hysterical!  I haven't given her the card yet because technically her birthday isn't until next Sunday, so she will get it then or about.  We have to go out for our traditional girl's night out to Joe's Crab Shack and a chick flick.  So she will just have to wait until I give it to her.  Sorry Leenie.  hehe

The Invite

Totally Surprised!
One of the birthday cakes.
(The other is x-rated so I will not
show here.)  Needless to say it
was hysterical! You did an awesome job
Kristine.  LOL

Gary and Delene

The Party planners:
Kristine, Leenie (birthday girl), Kristyn,
Me, Heather, Melody and her hubby Izzy
(Izzy and Delene share a birthday)

And of course we needed our muscle:
Ryan and Curt

Rocky (my hubby)

The senior citizen diaper cake.
This was so fun to make LOL
Made with Extra Large adult
diapers and decorated with over the hill
items from party store.  She loved it.  

I just had to share this lovely piece of artwork that her niece
made for her.  It is her name with a lady bug "I" (She loves ladybugs)
and then on all the swirls their are 50 words to describe
Leenie.  I thought this was so creative and unique.
Needless to say Leenie was thrilled.  :)
Leenie and Me


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  1. Awwhh Terri,(look at pretty!!)Looks like you all had a lot of fun with the planning and the big surprise. Great job. I've always wanted to jump out of a plane so kudos to the Bday girl for doing it.


  2. Thanks Donya, we did. haha It was so nice to relax today. :)


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