Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excited for tomorrow...

Hello friends!

Well if you are like me, your child is back in school this week.  Woo Hoo!  :)  We really did have a GREAT summer, but I really missed crafting.  Starting tomorrow my hubby is back to work too.  His vacation is over as well.

Soooo, I am having my CA (crafter's anonymous) friends over for breakfast/lunch to work on finishing off that OWH box of cards that we started a few months ago. I really want to get it out in the mail.   I am so excited to get together with this great group of crafty friends.

We are going to use only The Stamps of Life stamps.  We all joined and are members, and some of us, Melissa, went above and beyond and has gotten a lot more of the stamps.  hehe.  We really love them and Stephanie Barnard!  She cracks us up.  We really aren't stalkers or anything LOL!  We were fortunate to meet her at one of the expo's this year and she was just as nice in person.  So was her hubby.  :)

If you haven't seen her stamps, be sure to check it out.  There is something for everyone.  :)

Well, I am off to finish cleaning and set up for tomorrow.  We are playing while the kids are in school.  hehe

Have a GREAT day!


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  1. Have a really good time! I'm jealous, I'll be at work. :( Enjoy the day for me too!!


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