Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank you Donya and Emily...

Hello my friends...

Well I am still playing catch up from my amazing month of July and wanted to share an award I received from Donya at OKScrappinMama and Emily at Cool Cricut Creations.  Thanks you ladies so much for this lovely

The rules of the award are to thank the person who gave it to you, tell 7 things about yourself, and then pass it on to 8 others. 

Well I would like to "Thank You" ladies again for thinking of me.  You both are very talented individuals and I encourage my followers to head over and check out their blogs.  :)  Since I got 2 at the same time, I hope you don't mind that I condense these together.  :)

Here it goes...

7 things about me:

1.  I have been crafting my whole life in one medium or another.
2.  I love horses.  I have one that I don't get to see nearly enough.  I wish he lived in my backyard.  He's my                                          
     'other' man.  hehe
3.  Disneyland is still my happiest place on earth.
4.  I love to help out my friends with whatever projects they have going on, especially crafty things.  :)
5.  My family keeps me really busy.  I never know day to day what might come up.
6.  I am an early riser and my family are late risers.  Grrrr!  LOL
7.  I do not like the heat.  Why can't it be 80 degrees all the time????

8 Fabulous crafters I would like to pass this on to:

1.  Kelly at Kelly's Memory Craft
2.  Cheryl at cafexpressions
3.  Karen at Little Scrap Pieces
4.  Kate at Scrappers Creative Corner
5.  Esther at For the Joy of Creating
6.  Laurie at Scraps by Sissy
7.  Tami at Tami's Craft Connection
8.  Linda at Welcome to Scrapbooking and More

Please check out their blogs and give them some love.  They are really fabulous crafter's and inspire me all the time.  :)

Giant Warm Hugs,

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  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me, that was so sweet!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Wow Terri thank you so very much for thinking of me. Sorry it took me so long to come and get it!!!! I had 100 emails in my box!!!! That is so very sweet of you and I will put it on my blog for sure!!!!! Thanks again and have a wonderful day!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Terri, you are so sweet!


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