Sunday, August 21, 2011

Operation Write Home and The Stamps of Life

Hello friends!

This week I had another OWH cardmaking get together with my CA gals.  As we are all club members of The Stamps of Life I wanted us to only use these stamps.  We love them so much and Stephanie Barnard is truly talented.  Here are some of the wonderful cards we made that we will be sending out really soon to Operation Write Home.  I think we should get some Christmas cards together and then ship out the box.  I will see what my CA gals want to do.  There is still room in that box.  LOL

Here we go:

These are Ann's (that's her in the top pic)  :)

Here are Melissa's (M*)  hehe

There are lot's of cards over at The Stamps of Life gallery.
Melissa was especially inspired by this one.
Here is her take on it.

These are by my mom:

She hand colored all these flowers.  :)

Here are mine:

We had such a great day together.  It was great catching up after our long time apart over the summer break.

I hope you enjoy our cards and hopefully find some inspiration.


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  1. Thanks for hosting, Terri! It was a blast and I can't wait until we craft again. Hope it's soon. (We can come to my house this time and I'll TRY to feed you as well as you fed us!) XXOO

  2. Wonderful cards! You gals did a fantastic job!!!!


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