Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?...

Hello friends!

So, I am sort of excited for Christmas, how about you?  We are having a very small Christmas this year, which I am totally ok with.  I would rather have all the family together, eat loads of great food and play games.  :)  It's all about the little ones, as far as gifts go, which again, I am totally ok with.  LOL!  They are easier to buy for.  :)

I am really excited about making homemade gifts for my friends and neighbors.  With all the new things I have learned this year, I have a list a mile long (rein it in Ter) of projects I want to make.  Budget wise, that is not going to happen (at least this year) but I can make some really cute boxes to put baked goods in.  Yay! And of course Christmas cards, which I have been slowly but surely getting around to making.  :)

Here is one I worked on yesterday.  I am making my cards in multiples this year seeing as how I have a ton to get done.  My goal is to have them all ready to mail out at the first of December.  ( I figure if I wrote it down it would keep me accountable ) let's see how this works.  LOL!

Using my penguins4Christmas stamp from
The Stamps of Life

I had this paper from years ago that I got in a scrapbook paper pack from Dollar Tree.  I think it was waiting all this time for me to use it with this little penguin.  I think he is adorable.  I got interrupted after I stamped them and just now realized I forgot his bow tie, grrr!  Oh well, easy enough to fix later.  LOL!  I am sure I will tweak it some more before they get sent out.  :)

OK, time to get back to work.
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  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful plan all layed out.....I think there will be ALOT of people scaling back this year and will probably find it being the best Christmas ever.....These first cards you made are ADORABLE!!!! I love the idea of using things not necessarily geared towards Christmas and make them Christmasy!!!!! Like my new word!!! ;) These are super super cute!!!

  2. Super cute cards Terri! Love those cute little penguins.

  3. Love your card and I forget things too after the picture is taken....glad I'm in good company. I also love it when I have a great image and sketch and can make multiple copies like you did. I really need to get back to do some of these....yes, Christmas and Winter is fast-ly approaching.

  4. Great cards, Terri! I hear you about the "mile long list" and reining it in.....I really need to simplify, simplify, simplify! So....if you and your cute little penguins figure a share! lol! :0)


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