Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My nieces bday...

Hello my crafty friends!

Well, are you all recuperated from Halloween?  I am.  And I am ready to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas now.  I had a very busy weekend and I will get to that in my next blog post.  ;)  (I should say my son had a very busy weekend.)  hehe

It was my "Oldest" nieces birthday this past week.  (28) Shhhh!  I didn't say that...:)  I just made up a really quick bag skirt that I got from Penny Duncan Creations.  You can find the file here PDC Gift Bag Skirt Scallop.  Penny has lot's of cut files in a variety of types.  Check her out and tell her I sent ya!  She is a wonderful person and extremely talented.  Very generous as well.

I had to modify it a bit (I hope you don't mine Penny) to fit a smaller gift bag with handles so I shrunk it down a bit and then I wanted it to layer so tweaked it a bit for that too.  I think it turned out really cute.

I also wanted to share the gift that I gave her as I am not the only talented crafter in my family.  I have a long list of creative Grandmothers, Aunts and Cousins.  :)  One of my cousins, Kim, makes these wonderful key fobs.  I love them so much I bought one for almost everyone of my family and friends.  :)  Plus if you need something special, I bet if you asked her she could find it for you.  :)  <3 her!  Here is her facebook page Quadmom Designs  :)

OK, so, I played around in Picasa and learned how to make a collage (very interesting).  I still have a lot to learn about this program, but am having fun doing it.  hehe  Here is the gift and gift bag collage style ~

And here are just some regular style :)

Until next time....

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