Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Christmas tree (part 1)...

Hello Crafty Friends!

What a fabulous weekend I have had.  It has been a fun filled weekend of family, local events and Christmas tree hunting.

We haven't had a "Real" Christmas tree in about 10 years.  So this year since our oldest doesn't live here anymore, her sister and I decided we wanted to do our traditional Thanksgiving weekend Christmas tree cutting venture that we used to do when they were little, but had to stop as my oldest daughter (as we came to find out) was allergic to evergreen trees and her eyes would puff up and be irritated the whole Christmas season.  She hated the eye drops she had to use, so we opted for a "Fake" tree all these years.

It was a beautiful day and we had a BLAST!!!

Here are a few pics of our day, I hopefully will have more once it is decorated (so far we just have the lights and the star on it).

Brady, Chelsea and Rocky
Chelsea and Brady looking for the perfect tree
Sorry Chelsea, it is too little, maybe next year
We had an Angry Bird in our tree :)
When Brady was little, he always wanted to cut down
the tree.  He wasn't leaving until he did.  LOL!
Funny how he didn't even want to go, but once there
he was having a blast.  Kids!  LOL

Wow!  A 10 foot tree.  This is the biggest one
we have ever had.  :)
The traditional S'more and Hot Cider around the fire pit.
Chelsea didn't forget.  :)

So hopefully I will have the house all decorated and the tree as well tomorrow.  :)  We did get the lights on outside.  Progress!  LOL!

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