Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello Crafty Friends!

Just wanted to share some cushions I made for a wonderful friend of mine.  She has lovely, GINORMOUS really large table with 4 really long bench seats that she asked me to make cushions for.  I have made cushion in the past for other types of chairs but this style was a first for me.  I have renewed faith that I can pretty much tackle any project now.  LOL!

That green cushion foam is quite challenging to get into a cushion that is all sewed up.  We were trying to be frugal and not add zippers or hook and loop closures.  With all the hand sewing it might be worth it though...next time.  hehe!

Here is what the before and afters looked like...

All the supplies

The most important supplie ;)
(All my friends know that I like a
few orange slices while working on projects.  And if they
don't...my Bestie makes sure they do!!)  LOL!

Ironing out all the wrinkles

All 4 cushions cut up and ready to sew!

Oops...Didn't get a big enough piece of poly wrap to
cover the entire cushion.  Easy Tack to the rescue.  

Looking good...

One down...Three to go!

Well until my sewing machine broke.  :(

I had to send the machine in to the shop and that took a week out the roll I was on.

Funny how when you don't have your sewing machine there are so many
projects you need to do that require sewing.  UGH!  

Well I finally got it back and Voila!

Finished at last!

They turned out better than I expected and they look lovely on her benches.  :)  I forgot to take my camera with me to get a final pic.  Maybe next time I go over I will remember.  :)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That fabric is perfect for my dining room! :0)
    You're sew crafty! I can barely sew a straight line! lol!
    Cheryl First
    aka Cafexpressions


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