Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another candy jar for Kristine...

Hello Crafty Friends...

You may remember the candy jar I made for Kristine for her kitchen with all the cute baking decals and the cupcake frosting top.  If not, go here.  It is sooo super cute :)!

Well, I also made her this candy jar to go in her living room, when she get's it done. This will be her inspiration piece...well there is also this fabric that inspired me ;).

For some reason the purple turned more blue
in the pic.  It is more purple.

The inspiration fabric.  This is what we will be making
pillows out of for her new couch when she gets it.  It will be a gray couch.
She is also working on an afghan with all these colors to coordinate.
Love it!
(Again, purple doesn't show true to what it looks like in person.)
This is the first "Failed" attempt.  I really loved these stick
on decals designs, but when I came in the next morning the were popping
off.  :(  They were too thick and rigid.  Need a flat surface.  Grrrr!

So vinyl it is!  Thanks to my wonderful and crafty friend
Ann for coming to my aid.  Every store I went to was
sold out of white vinyl.  What?!!!
Lucky for me, Ann and her husband own a sign store and
I was able to get a scrap.  They are wonderful!
Thanks again Ann and Robbie!
I love Fleur de lis!  So I made it my centerpiece.
I believe I had this from a Penny Duncan Creations file.
Sorry Penny if I am mistaken, or if it is, I couldnt find it to
reference it.  
Penny has the most beautiful svg's at her Etsy store.
Check her out!

Finished product.  I love this color combo.

 Until next time...

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  1. Love it and the colors too. I hate it when a ribbon tunes out to be a totally different color once I put it on a creation so I know how you feel.
    Hugs, Rosalee


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