Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Candy jar for wine corks...

Hello Crafty Friends!

I made this candy jar for my good friend Suzie, who, like myself, loves wine tasting.  She wanted one to display her wine cork collection.

All done up in her kitchen colors.  I am in the process
of finding a more wine themed ribbon for this.  If anyone has
any ideas where to find some, please let me know.
I can't believe there is nothing out there.  Searched
everywhere including the internet.  Ugh!

I just so happened to have a "Sparkling Wine" cork from one of my favorite wineries, Deaver Vineyards (No relation to me, darn it!) that I used for the top.  If you are ever in their area stop by.  Beautiful grounds you can picnic on.  Their California Port is my absolute favorite.  I substitute their port for water in my brownie mix.  Makes them richer! Yummy!

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