Monday, September 26, 2011

Back from Vacation...

Hello my crafty friends!

I am back from my long weekend vacation and getting ready to get to get into my craft room.  That is after we get a few things done around here.  Hubby doesn't go back to work until Wednesday.

We had a fabulous time at our Annual Street Vibrations in Reno.  We did have a few pit falls unfortunately, but we didn't let them ruin our wonderful time we were having.  That's what we have insurance for, right?!

Our first night, after a really hot day, we were getting ready to sit outside to enjoy our beautiful evening when a huge gust of wind blew down the mountain and flipped our awning up and over our trailer.  OMG, you have no idea how much is scared me as I was still in the trailer putting dishes away and talking to my hubby who was outside sitting in his chair under the awning.  I thought the trailer was going to flip over.  The pole ripped off of the trailer and almost hit my hubby in the head.  Thank goodness it missed him.  But it did do some major damage to the siding of the trailer and the back side of the trailer, not to mention ripping the awning about a 1/4 of the way off.  CRAZY weather.  It lasted all of 2 minutes and then didn't blow again the rest of the night.  So WEIRD?!  Luckily we are insured and they are going to cover the repairs, which are substantial.  Ugh!

Then we had a few minor issues with our Harley.  Poor girl.  :(  We are taking her in to the shop tomorrow to see what is up with her.  Hopefully that won't be too expensive.

Here are just a few pics of our trip.  We go every year with my sister~in~law.  She so looks forward to this trip every year.  She loves her some Harley's.  :)  LOL
Our campsite
Rocky and I heading out to ride around North Shore
Lake Tahoe and to Carson City
Rocky and his sister heading out to Virginia City Run

The crazy weather (which was not in
the forecast).  Pouring in Reno.

Me and my Bestie ready to tear up the town.
Rocky, me and Cheryl

Delene and Gary

It was a GREAT 5 days, now it is time to get back into the swing of things.  Loads of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas projects to get done.  :)  You know what I mean.  :)

Looking forward to participating in the OWH World Cardmaking Day Blog Hop on October 1, 2011   :)  Go to link if you want to participate in the hop.  Or be sure to check back to follow the hop.  I hear there are a lot of blogs to check out.  :)  

Since I read the directions incorrectly, I need to hurry up and make a Christmas card to replace the Halloween posting I did for the Hop.  Oops!  I don't believe it specified a holiday, but in a reminder email I received it said a Christmas card.  Guess what I am doing tomorrow...LOL!  

OK, well this is it for me tonight.  Going to a local flea market tomorrow early morning to check out what and if they have some crafty goodness.  I know for sure there is ribbon.  :)  Yay!  Until then,

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