Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grab My Button...

Hello my friends,

This beautiful background photo was taken
by my daughter Chelsea
when she was in photography
in high school a few years ago.
It has always been my favorite pic.
I am so happy to report that after several tutorials I finally found one that I was able to get to work.  :)  Here is the link I used to help me make my button:

Thank you Amy Lynn Andrews.  I found her tutorial on how to make the button really easy to understand using Picnik.com.

Since Amy uses Wordpress, I had a hard time interpreting how to connect my button to my blog and the code for you all to be able to copy and paste in your html gadget in Blogger (assuming you are using blogger.)  :)  So, I found this site:

Oikology 101  Thank you so much for this Carrie.  I found this tutorial very easy to understand.  (I just needed to be a bit more patient and read thoroughly)  LOL

So please grab my button if you would like and post in your side bar.  :)

Now to work on this GIANT signature and make it smaller.  LOL  Baby steps.

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