Thursday, September 1, 2011

New computer! Yay!

Hi my friends!

I am sooo excited.  Thanks to my hubby's best friend I have a new to me computer.  Yay!  So AWESOME!!!!  Now I need to get a printer.  Deciding between and laser or inkjet.  Any ideas?  I really am tired of having to by ink cartridges all the time.  What is your experience and what would you recommend?  It has been a lot of years since I had to get a printer.  I do know for sure I want a wireless one.  That way we can send directly from our lap tops.

Now to clean the mess up behind the computer desk since it is all pulled away from the wall.  How can a place get so dusty?  LOL

More projects and blog candy coming soon.  Still .waiting to get to 200 followers.  :)  Plus my Blogaversary is coming up in Ocotber.  
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  1. I swear by HP printers. Second runner up is Lexmark. But, I have one of the TouchSmart wireless printers. Amazing. And I personally like the ones that allow you to be separate inks instead of the tri-color. I've had my printer since last December and I'm just now needing to buy new inks.

  2. Printers have been a thorn in my side. I would NEVER buy another HP. For two years I went through 6 HP printers. Getting through their custmer service was nothing but a nightmare. Epson Artisian 810 is my current inkjet and it is the third one in two years. So better than HP but still questionable in the service. I have stopped printing photos on my printers and send them to a photo place instead. And I bought a black and write Brother Laser to deal with black and white printer. It has been wonderful.

    The most important thing I can advise is to buy the extended warranty. I have gotten my money out of them big time!

  3. Terri I have a kodak wireless printer I got it because the ink for this printer cost less than most Have had it for two years works great and I am really happy with the quality of photos I do know one place you can go to research is they review all kind of electronics

  4. fun became a follower hope i win


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