Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WOO HOO!!!! I GOT IT TO WORK (that number thingy)...

Hi Friends,

Just want to say "THANK YOU!" to my bloggy friends who had some really GREAT suggestions for how to number my comments.  I really appreciate your help today.  I have been trying to do this for months and could never get it to work.  Sometimes you just have to ask for some help.  :)  So, I did!  LOL

I finally did find one that worked for me.  (Although the other tutorials might have worked.  They didn't mention expanding your comments below your posts in the settings section.  They might have been working all along.  My comments pop up in a new window and this will not work with that so I never saw the numbers next to the comments. So I didn't think they worked.)  :) I really need my hand held through these processes.  haha

So this is where I finally found a tutorial that worked:

1st Floor Flat the Computery - this will take you directly to the tutorial.

Thank you so much Susie Jefferson.  I hope this might help any others that have been trying to do this as well.  :)  Good Luck!  (Remember to always SAVE your template before you make any changes to your html ~ VERY IMPORTANT!)

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  1. Terri thanks so much that is something I have been meaning to do

  2. Tutorials are a wonderful thing!


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