Monday, December 26, 2011

The Apron Gift...

Hello My Crafty Friends!

I hope the holidays have treated you well.  :)  We had a wonderful holiday.  Especially as my daughter's doctor let her go off of the Prednisone just before Christmas.  He said it would be a trial period to see how her platetes react.  Hopefully those counts will stay up so she won't have to go on Nplate injections.  :(  This has been a really hard year for her, so we are staying hopeful that all will be well.

I wanted to share with you a apron that I made for my Besties wonderful DIL (that I have adopted) ;).  She is quite the baker and has made some fabulous cupcakes for all of us.  It has been so hard to keep this a secret from her as she would always pick up aprons when we were shopping and we would tell her they weren't that cute so she wouldn't buy one before Christmas.  hehe

Yes that is Zebra print and hot pink!  Here colors.  :)

This is the most ruffling I have ever had to do.  LOL!

I actually used everyone of my straight pins.

I actually impressed myself.  :)

The finished product.  

My Besties beautiful DIL.  We found this fabulous cupcake
cookbook to go with the apron.  She loved it!  

Got some more projects coming up.  This is going to be a busy 2012 for me.  Lot's of milestone birthdays in my family.  Plus I have decided to start making items to sell on  I will keep you all updated in case their is anything you may be interested in.  :)

Have a SAFE and WONDERFUL New Year!  See ya next year!

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  1. That apron is adorable. I am sure that those cupcakes will taste a bit better now.


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