Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My mom is so clever...

Hello My Crafty Friends!

This past Saturday I had a crafty day at my house with my mom, sister, nieces and daughter.  We had a wonderful time catching up and planning our baking schedule (next weekend, can't wait) hehe.

My sister didn't bring a project, so she organized my Christmas ribbon box.  Let me tell you, there was tons of ribbon in there, and don't get me started about all the glitter that is all over the front room...LOL!  We were quite sparkly that day.  hehe  (Thank you sis, you are the BEST).  Now can you work on the other pile of ribbon is the craft room???  Please???  haha

I'll break this down into 2 separate posts as I want to share what my mom made.  She is so crafty, and you can see where I get it from.  :)

She made these beautiful napkin rings for her Christmas dinner table (I am going to make place cards soon, I promise mom).  She made them from those big snap grommet rings for your curtains.  I'll include a picture of them for you.  They were easy to make (minus a few hot glue gun burns, you know how that is, right?)  hehe

Here they are:

These were the rings she used.  I would have got a before
shot, but she had pre-ribboned them before
she came over.  
Here they are wrapped with ribbon and hot glued

She had a variety of pics in all colors.

My sister and I are fight over this one.  haha

She took the pics apart and hot glued the pieces in new
arrangements on the center of the ring.
Beautiful right? :)
Great Job Mom!

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