Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Got Back...

Hello my friends...

Wow!  We just got back in from our trip and I couldn't wait to check my emails.  hehe  Where we were there was no signal for our cells and I couldn't get any wireless where we were either.  Oh well, we were on a mini vacation right, needed to cut the cord for a few days and give my hubby my full attention.  ;)

I have tons of pics (186 to go through and Picasa) and I will pick a few to share on here.  How many pics of the ocean and flora can you look at, right.  :)  It was sooo beautiful.  We went to The Timber Cove Inn in Jenner, CA and except for the crazy wind on Tuesday, it was beautiful there.  Did a lot of walking on the various beaches we visited and did some hiking trails.  Odd, didn't find a single sea shell....:(  Tried some really good wines, of which I don't remember their names.  Oops!  And had some really great food.  Nothing better than clam chowder and giant prawns from The Tides.  Yummy!

Thank you all for the really nice messaged you left us on facebook and my blog.  They were so wonderful.

We have one more day off we are going to make the most of it.  Then it will be back to the routine.  Time to get those Easter gifts made ( We stopped by Ghirradelli chocolate factory and got a ton of chocolate eggs to put in the gifts. )  Yay!

So hopefully I will have something up by this weekend.  You all enjoy the rest of your week and I am going to go catch up on my Google reader and see what I have been missing on your blogs.  hehe


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  1. Glad you had a fun trip!
    I love to go to Ghirradelli in San Francisco! Mmmm, Mmmmm!


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