Saturday, April 23, 2011

She's Home!

Hello my friends...

I want to send a HUGE Thank You to everyone for all your thoughts, best wishes and prayers for my daughter. I was able to bring her home today "Finally" after some confusion yesterday.  She was released and then found out that her Hematologist doctor denied the release.  He wanted her platelet count to be 70,000 - 75,000 before she could be released and she was only up to 32,000.  :(  She was not a happy camper!

But today she went up to 67,000 so after a LONG day of waiting he finally released her.

I took her home to her house (she wanted to be with her new kitty that she had only gotten 2 nights before she had to be admitted to the hospital).  So I made her a big spaghetti dinner and made her promise to take it easy.  I know she is 20, but she is still my baby.  :)

So I will be back to crafting real soon.  I did make a few Easter things late last night, so I will post tomorrow after the little kids get them.  :)

Thanks again for all the love and support.

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  1. Such good news Terri. Happy she is home with her kitty.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. so glad she made it home. My daughter is 20 also but when I look at her she is still 2 hard let them be adults when they are sick. hope you have a wonderful Easter and rushed or not great projects I am sure everyone will love them.

  3. What great news, I am so happy for her and for you Terri!


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