Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Helpful Hint...Stamp the Inside First

Hellooo My Friends!!!!!

OK, I don't really have a Tuesday's Helpful Hint section on my blog, I just made it up for today.  :)  hehe

I was watching a card making video today, and it struck me that most of the videos I watch don't stamp the inside of the card before you spend all that time decorating the outside...?  If you are like me, sometimes the inside just doesn't make the cut and then you have to 1. Start Over (UGH!) or 2. Figure out how to take off the  outer layer without tearing.  (Again, UGH!!!)

So my helpful hint for today is:
Stamp the inside of the card first!

This will also give you time to let the ink dry (just in case you have the wrong type of ink that doesn't dry completely, and then again...inky mess on the inside of the card.  :)  Then you can change inks.  So far, Momento inks have been working the best for me.

If you get just a little tiny mark (and I mean tiny) try using a razor knife tool to scratch the offending mark off.  Go lightly as to not tear a whole in your paper.  :)

I learned this from back (waaaaaay baaaaack) in the day (OK, early 80's) when we used to typewrite with carbons (in triplicate form).  You know before Xerox Copy Machine (...a scanner/printer?  Does that help you young'uns?)  hehe  Boy, was I glad when our office got one of those machines!  Come on!  I know some of you must remember this???  LOL !!!  Boy, was I glad when our office got one of those machines!

I hope this was a helpful hint for you!

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