Monday, February 7, 2011

Scraps and things...

Hello followers,

Today I wanted to get rid of a few leftover papers.  I had been thinking about weaving some scraps and then, well, didn't know what to do after that.  :)  So today I just started winging it and came up with this little valentine I could give to one of my loved ones.  (Can't say "who" yet.)  hehe

And then I came across these little gift bag boxes in my stash and thought I really should make a little gifty for my little ones (nieces and nephews).  I saw something similar on one of the blogs I was reading today (and I apologize for not acknowledging who, if anyone knows please let me know, I went back through my reader and couldn't find it, sorry.)  and thought I could decorate and put a few little goodies in them.

OK Taylor pretend you didn't see these.  LOL!
The stamps are from The Stamps of Life heart2love and the (to:) stamp is from

Now I have to go get the goodies and some shreddy red paper.  LOL!  Just when I was trying not to have anymore candy around here.  LOL!


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  1. Love the 'bag' cards or are they just bags, anyway they are a great idea, and me too have seem similar somewhere..probably a Sizzix die cut?
    And now you know about my other corner, started (On the 1st of May last year) because hubby kept nagging me! Still learning as I go!


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