Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anniversary Flowers...

Hello everyone!

My hubby and I are fast approaching our Silver Anniversary so I was searching Google for a gift idea to get my husband.  We don't usually buy for each other (we buy what we want and say "Guess what you bought me for our anniversary" ) haha.  It's how we roll.  LOL

I didn't know that anniversaries not only have a type of symbol (ie. silver, gold, diamond and pearl) to name a few, but that they also have flowers.  I am sure some of you (probably a lot of you) already knew this, but it was news to me.  :)  And as I have quite a few friends celebrating milestone anniversaries as well this year, this gave me some ideas on cards to make for them.  :)  Ours is the Iris.

I used to have these all over my planters, but as the years have gone by and the tree roots have taken over the whole yard, it choked out all my bulbs.  My mom gave me a whole bag of tubers from her garden and they are just going to waste.  With this crazy weather I haven't been able to plant them.  :(

You can check out for all the flowers that go with each anniversary.

OK, so I guess you noticed I didn't make my card a day this week.  See how I am.  Well tomorrow I am free and I am going to get some cards made.  :)


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