Saturday, March 5, 2011 with friends? I think yes!

Hi Everyone!

What a GREAT day I had today with 2 of my dearest friends.  A very spontaneous day.  I had planned to clean the house, go to Joanns, pick up my son from his friends house that he slept over at last night, make more cards.

Well, I woke up this morning and got ready for the day, came downstairs, let the pet's out, fed and watered the pets, made my breakfast and sat down to read my emails, catch up with Words with Friends (got 6 games going at once) and check my Facebook before I headed out the door and...

My bestie had just posted on fb that she was looking for a bottle of Jeff Runquist Syrah, that I had given her on New Year's that she just loved and couldn't find in any of our local stores.  I commented back to her that I thought you could only get it at their winery.  So we looked it up, and can you believe it, the winery was located just in the next county over.  ROAD TRIP!  haha  She called our other friend and we jumped in her car and headed up to the foothills.  It was a beautiful day and way to nice to stay in and clean house anyway.  haha

Well, you just can't go up to the Amador County wine country and stop at one winery, so we hit a few.  :)  Imagine that.  Had a nice lunch at little place in old town Plymouth, where there was another vintner with his wares which were YUMMY!  So bought more there.  haha

We had a BLAST!  I love being spontaneous!  GREAT TIMES!

And as luck would have it, the rain we were supposed to get today, didn't roll in until this evening.  Perfect timing as we were all already home.  :)

This is the tank top I got.
(See I didn't just buy wine)


Oh yeah, my son ended up having plans to stay at his friends all day, so I didn't have to pick him up until we got back.  LOL  In case you thought I forgot him.  hehe
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