Thursday, December 30, 2010

Card making with Taylor...

Today was a very special day.  My niece Taylor got some very cool stamps and crafty supplies for Christmas.  :)   So we had a auntie and niece shop at the local stamp store "Stamper's Corner" and came home to clean auntie's craft room from the Christmas crafting explosion.  hehe   Then it was time to stamp some cards.  We had a blast and here is her first ever handmade card.

Outside (I love this stamp she purchased)...Auntie must borrow ;)

Here is the inside.
I am so proud of her and hope to do some more soon.  She is practicing at home.  My sister is trying to make some room for her so she will have her own little craft station.  Luckily she only lives a few blocks away so she can come hang with Auntie anytime.  :)

Here is a Valentine I made today with my The Stamps of Life Hearts2Love stamps.  This is my first to make that I am going to send to her blog to post in the gallery.  I hope she likes it.  I have some more ideas that I am going to play around with tonight.  Maybe I will send some more over.  :)

I loved the card stock I found today.  It is from Little Yellow Bicycle "Love Story".  I started my Copic marker collection yesterday and went back today for more.  (Can you say..."easily addicted") When I saw this card stock right when I walked in and they had a Copic the same color...well....I had to have it.  :)

I hope you like it.

<3 Terri
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  1. Just followed your blog link from Crafters Digital Art Center as you followers pic doesn’t have a link, just to say Thank you for following my Blog and Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Lyn.

    I will look into how to add link to my blog from my follower pic. (I'm a Newbie :), hehe) I just was looking at your blog. :) Any blog advice you could give me on how to do anything would be greatly appreciated. I am learning in baby steps. :) LOL! Thanks for following me.


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