Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wrapping and Dogsitting...

It has been a very busy week with getting ready for Christmas.  Just when I thought I was so on top of things, something else would come up unexpectedly and throw a wrench in the wheel, so to speak.  :) 

That's ok, I am very flexible and can figure out how to get it done before the BIG day. 

A client of my husbands who purchased our last 2 puppies a few years back needed a dogsitter overnight the other night as she is a traveling RN and goes all over Northern California to help elderly home bound patients with their care and wasn't able to take the dogs with her this time.  (Well all 4 of them)  She took her special needs dog and his companion and we kept the kids (as she calls them).  Which just happen to be our Ginger's pups.  It has been a grand dog fest around here.  They are wonderful and we had a GREAT time with them.  Brady couldn't have been happier, as he was really attached to Puppy #1 (as I didn't want to get attached to the puppies so I didn't name them) or Rex (as Brady named him) or Rocky which is his name.  She named him after my husband.  :)  They are quite the cuddlers, which I loved because my 2 love to cuddle Rocky and only cuddle with me when he isn't home.  Brats!  haha

They were going to be picked up last night, but she got fogged in at her location and it would have been well past midnight, so we kept them again.  :)  So, I will get a little bit later start to the day, but that's ok. 

Here is their family pic:

From Left to Right
Aunt Penny, Bella, Rocky and Ginger (bottom)

Kayla is coming home tonight and we are going to pick up her new baby Rowdy.  He is a little Welsh Corgi which is another of our favorite breeds.  She has been waiting to get her own dog for a long time now and found this great little guy.  He is soooo sweet.  He will be staying with us until New Year's.  Here he is:

 Well I only have a few more gifts to make cards for and then I should be good to go.  I am going to get one more blog in before taking a break for the holidays so I'll catch ya later.

Have a GREAT day! 
<3 Terri
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