Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!

"Happy New Year to all of my family, friends and blog followers!" 

I have really been enjoying myself these last few months.  Blogging has been very therapeutic for me.  I am feeling great and have a lot less stress in my life.  I have met some really great people out there in Blogland and have been inspired by all your creations.  Thank you for sharing all you do.  

And to my family and friends, "Thank You!" for all your love.  You truly are the "BEST".  

I am looking forward to a GREAT New Year and I hope you all are too.  

This year I hope to get at least 100 followers on my blog, I know ambitious but a girl can try.  :)  As soon as I do I am going to have a crafty give a way, maybe even something at 50 followers.  So if you know of anyone who is crafty and would like to share my blog that would be great.  Have them leave a comment on who sent them.  (Could be something in it for you if you get 5 people to sign up.)  Also, if you already follow my network blog on Facebook, actually Follow my blog on my blog page (not the networked blog section), that is where I am counting from.  :)  That way you will be included too.  This offer will expire at the end of the year (2011) or the first 100 followers is reached.

Again I want to say Happy New Year to everyone.

<3 to all,
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