Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome new followers...

I see I have some new followers, yay!  "Welcome ladies!"  I am so happy you are here.  And a hello to my other ladies who have been with me.

Sorry I have nothing to post today.  Had a very busy day and then in the middle a migraine popped up and knocked me out of commission for a few hours, (even took a while for the Excedrine Migraine to kick in).  Feeling a bit better now, still a little queasy.  So I am going to go ahead and take the rest of the evening off and rest up.

Tomorrow, my oldest daughter (who is visiting for a few days) and I are going to craft tomorrow.  We are going to come up with some sort of collage type picture frame for her vintage postcards that she started collecting for her apartment.  Unfortunately she didn't bring them with her so we are going to wing it.  :)  She will add the postcards to it when she gets home.  So this should be fun.  Stay tuned...I will post pics tomorrow.

Have a good night,

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